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Hey all! Welcome to another installment of Snippet Wednesday. I am kapgar and I will be your host on this crazy little blog. I hope you enjoy it!

So just as I was telling you all yesterday that I wasn't sure if I would have a monthly photo challenge for February, along comes Avitable with a Friends-themed photo challenge. Why there are 30 items in a 29-day month is beyond me, but I won't nitpic. The official February one over on Instagram looked way too much like the January one. So thank you, Adam, for giving me something different. Here's the challenge...

Friends Photo A Day Challenge via @avitable @justonemiss and @undomesticdiva #friendspc

And here's my reply to "The One With All the Coffee"...

FriendsPADC01 - Coffee #friendspc

Stay tuned with the photoset. For those of you who use Twitter, the hashtag is #friendspc.

Don't you hate when you find a product so great that you fall deeply and madly head over heels for it and then have it discontinued right out from under you? That happened to me recently. Last year, Katie bought me a pair of UnderArmour dress socks. These are the most comfortable things I've ever worn with dress shoes. But I never went back to get more because I was under the impression that, being UA, they were expensive as all get out. So I held off until this pair wore through. And now UA doesn't have them at all. Not even at the outlet store or in the clearance section of their website. DAMN YOU, UA!!!

I can honestly say that I rarely give much of a damn about the Super Bowl halftime show. Usually complete crap. This year's is no different considering it's starring Madonna. Whoopdeedoo! However, it was announced that M.I.A. will be up on stage, too. If you've been reading me for at least a year, you might remember that I really dig on M.I.A. Hmmmm... this halftime show may have just gotten watchable. Somewhat.

A week or so ago, Ren introduced me to a new app called Waze. In the simplest terms, it's a crowd-sourced GPS app with turn-by-turn audible navigation and the ability to learn your favorite routes. But the coolest thing is that, since it's "crowd-sourced," you contribute reports on the status of your drive. Is it slowed down due to traffic or construction? Is there a cop trap ahead? Are red light cameras at the intersection? If you find it, you report it and help your fellow driver. It's a lot of fun to use. Thanks, Ren!

Okay, so now that it's February 1, does this mean we will finally be done with all those insipid JCP (formerly J.C. Penney) ads with the people screaming about the sale ad overload? I. Hate. That. Commercial. I mute the stupid thing every time it comes on.


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Thanks! Your mention of Waze reminded me that I wanted to do some map updates (waze.com/livemap). Since the base maps are free, they are lower quality than those used by most other navigation services. This is mitigated by some automated algorithms that use GPS logs to update the maps for road and intersection directionality. However, this can cause problems for areas that aren't yet seeing significant Waze usage. Thus, users can log in and edit the maps to fix these issues, add roads and more. You can only edit map areas within 1 mile of areas you've logged Waze usage. It's pretty neat. The biggest down side is that it takes a couple of weeks for the edits to be processed and available in the app.


Sure it takes a couple weeks but the fact they let users do that is incredible. More Waze love!!

Marty Mankins

The JCP commercials on TV are much calmer. No more screaming.

I will have to go get Waze and try it after Ren's suggestion (and now obviously your's). I use MapQuest and Motion-X for my navigation needs. MapQuest actually does ok for a free app (it's AOL owned). Motion-X has a finer tuned turn by turn, but has monthly and yearly subscriptions that provide constant updates. I've not subscribed yet, but once I do a lot of driving, I want to see what the benefits offer.


I haven't seen the new commercials yet but I haven't seen the old one in the last 24 hours either. Win! Motion X, eh? I don't drive enough to justify a subscription service. If I did, I would. 

Sybil Law

Macy's has some 4 pack of Under Armour crew socks - 2 pairs are black, so they could maybe pass as dress socks (unless they're too thick). Under Armour is great stuff - I buy it for my husband a lot!


I've seen those and they're kinda thick for my dress shoes. Thanks though. 


Dang it I so wanted to take part in the Friends February photo a day challenge, but then I got lazy. I'm sticking to my daily photo though on instagram for 365 days. I wonder if I'm annoying people on facebook? Meh, who cares right?

I HATE THOSE JC PENNY ADS. In fact I dvr all my shows now so I just fast forward through all the commercials.

For the first time in YEARS I'm looking forward to the superbowl because I'm spending it with friends. You know me, I'm no football fan, but I use to have so much fun when I lived in Boston and friends would throw superbowl parties. Very excited this year. Although I'm always uninterested in the halftime show, just like you.


I think the four of us should hang out for the Super Bowl. I think we'd all have fun.

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