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For several months going on a couple years now, people have been claiming that Google has quickly been devolving into a big, nasty, corporate monster capable of being fiendish invaders of privacy and web user rights, a state of being that they were renowned for decrying in other corporations. I wasn't really buying into it.

Until today.

A couple days ago, I received a notification on my iPhone that Google +, Google's social media foray, had uploaded a photo from my phone automatically to my account. I didn't really think much about it other than to post a Tweet wondering why this happened with this photo and not with others.

Turns out I was wrong... it has been happening with others. 

Nearly 70 photos from my phone had been uploaded to my Google + account without my knowledge or consent. The only thing I can figure is that the most recent update of the Google + app on my iPhone had the Instant Upload feature enabled by default. 

Right now, the only saving grace is that the photos were not made public. I have to go into my Google + account and opt to share them, something that would've saved me from cursing Google's existence as I awaited a wifi hotspot so I could hammer out this post.

Google, while I thank you for not making these images public, the fact that your app was taking photos from my phone without my permission and automatically uploading them is crossing the line! And everyone already knows your photo permission policy is for shit.

I believed in you and thought people were ridiculous in making you out to be a privacy-hating beast. They were right. You have become everything you said you'd never be. You're making Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook appear to be the White Knights of privacy advocacy.

I've had my Google + account for somewhere north of a year. It was a cool little novelty for a couple months. But I've hardly used it since then. I'd just been awaiting reason to kill it.

I found it.


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Suzanne Apgar

Give 'em hell!!


So the phone used the G+ app to add pictures? Ugh. I am so so so sick of Google+ and all of the stuff Google is shutting down to try to get people to use it (sharing items in Reader, picnik). I tried to use G+ for a few months and could not stand it. Kind of not the point of this post, but I (somewhat) feel your pain!

Sybil Law

That's freaking nuts! Glad I don't sync my phone with pretty much anything, though.




I hate how they changed Reader, too, but was willing to forgive it as I thought it relatively minor. This? Not so much. 


What's weird is that the Instant Upload default was to automatically upload as soon as the phone found a wifi network. It was doing it without even telling me. I received notification of uploads two or three times out of what wound up being 70+ photos. Nice, huh?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

You about had me eating my heart for an afternoon snack. While I checked out Google+ a while ago, I've been inactive on it since. I just checked my photos and it says I have to upload the mobile app for that to be activated. THANK GOD. I take some of the DUMBEST PHOTOS ON EARTH with my phone and delete half of them. There's no reason to share them with the world if I'm not even saving them for myself (and let's not even get into privacy issues here!).


Funny thing is I saw a G+ commercial yesterday with a guy who lost his cellphone with all the pix of his newborn son. Lucky for him, they said, that Google Plus backed them all up. D'oh!


WTF?! I'm glad you're shutting it down! I actually closed mine a little while ago because something was super strange about the privacy settings in G+. Mainly that I yanno, couldn't really find them that easily. So I put the kabosh on it. UGH Google. EVIL.


Sad to have to say that, isn't it?

hello haha narf

so not cool, google. NOT COOL.


They've started signing new Google account holders to Plus accounts by default.  

Kevin Spencer

Wow, that's seriously not cool. I signed up for Google+ when it first came out, posted once (I think to say something like "I wonder what I'm going to use this for?"), and promptly never went back and used it again.


But you haven't quit? Why not?

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