It was an honest mistake...

So that whole post earlier today about registering to comment here? Let's pretend it didn't happen, okay? Too many issues already in the short time I had it implemented. We'll just pray we can get normal commenting to work again.

Please note that if you don't see an entry form field for the CAPTCHA right away to try clicking anywhere in the box and, supposedly, something will appear. We'll see.

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Say my name, say my name...

Feb 9
I've been having quite the issue with commenting lately on this here blog. What I thought was isolated to just one browser and operating system seems to actually be a bit more widespread affecting readers regardless of O.S., browser, and...
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Take me in tender woman, sighed the snake...

Feb 15
After the mad dash that was fixing my commenting system, awaiting some feedback, and then fixing the fix, I needed a few days off to recover and make sure nobody else seemed to be having any issues. I guess it's...


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pink piddy paws

I learned from the last time it happened to me. Copy everything I wrote BEFORE I hit submit. Just in case. :)


You have learned well, grasshopper. 

Kevin Spencer

Hey there we go, everything is right again in the world ;-)

Sybil Law





A bit late for that. ;-)

Marty Mankins

I must have missed this post. I might have to go back in time to see what all this registration stuff.

Of course, I would register if Norman was guiding me as I entered my details.


It proved to be too much of a pain. Hopefully TypePad will figure the comment problem out. 


I'm going to assume this means you never got my test comment.

Welcome back! Free comments for everyone! ;-)

hello haha narf



Nope. Lost in the ether. 




Hmmm...I've never seemed to have any trouble commenting on your blog. Maybe because your blog likes me? I think that's it.


And why wouldn't it? I mean really.

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