Today is a birthday...
Come around to my way of thinking...


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Sybil Law



I can't believe how simple minded some people are. 


UGH. WHY? WHY? WHY??? (Not why you tweeted that, but WHY do some people hate gays/lesbians SO DAMN MUCH?! And how can they NOT see that they are prohibiting them from some BASIC rights?? UGH!)


It's singularly disgusting. 

Marty Mankins

His response about "letting the people decide in a vote" is the ultimate cop out. He could have taken the high road and just signed the bill, explaining to his fellow GOP fans that he couldn't go against those in the house and senate when it comes to extending civil rights.

But no, he pulled a dick move, which lost my respect for him.


I'm thankful he didn't seek the GOP nomination for President.

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