And there's no use in pretending...

Welcome to another installment of Miércoles Snippet-o. I promise the rest of this post won't be en español. I'm sure Rick Santorum will appreciate that.

Do you have any idea how happy this makes me? A new album from my beloved Kiss? One that's described as being a mix of Destroyer (one of their greatest albums) and Revenge (a personal favorite)? Oh, Kevie happy!

With the announcement of the new iPad(3) was the launch of iOS 5.1. Nothing particularly huge to report with it. But why, oh why, have they still not developed a iOS-safe way of moving the dreaded Newsstand app into a folder/group? I know that it can be forced into one, but I noticed that things were operating a bit wonky when I did that. Why is it that ANY other app on an iPhone/iPad can be moved into a folder except Newsstand??

The good thing is that it would seem Rick Santorum is likely to lose all support in Puerto Rico. Now if only we can make it so they have 90% of the electoral vote. Hmmm...

So Dave2 is on a cruise. Yeah, I hate him too.

Is there any movie that Johnny Depp doesn't act in? I was just looking into the career of Armie Hammer on IMDb (as he's costarring in the upcoming Mirror Mirror that I'm really kinda looking forward to. And it turns out that Captain Hammer will be playing the title role in the 2013 film The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp playing his "trusty sidekick" Tonto. Of course Depp's Tonto looks like a crossbreed of Captain Jack Sparrow and the cannibals in the second Pirates movie. Kinda freaky. But, then again, what role has he taken that isn't freaky?

Okay, gotta run and finish a bracket for an NCAA pool. Adieu! (see, I closed with French not Spanish!)

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Marty Mankins

And KISS is going to be on tour this year with Motley Crue and other bands. Double Dynasty.

I'm shocked at the support Santorum is getting. People must not care about their rights as citizens, especially women.


I just don't get the whole Santorum thing. And there are women who support him too. WTF???

Kevin Spencer

Yeah I immediately put newsstand on my very last page along with my "pile of pants" folder which includes all the other pointless apps that you can't delete. Also it really really clubs my kneecaps that one of the listed "improvements" in iOS 5.1 is the "updated AT&T network indicator" aka the outright lie that I'm now suddenly getting 4G when I'm not.


How do you know you're not getting 4G? And I'm definitely not as I'm only a iPhone 4 owner. Ah well. BTW, I love "pile of pants" and "clubs my kneecaps." ;-)

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