As the storm blows on...

You've all been driving during rain storms and seen as a storm cuts off just as suddenly as it can start, right? Something similar to that happened to us early this morning.

We had our windows open last night since it's been so gorgeous in terms of weather. But we were tentative because we did get a little rain yesterday and reports claimed there'd be more overnight. So we only had one bedroom window open about five inches and then the little window above the sink in our kitchen. 

Just to help you with bearing, our bedroom window is in the front of our house and the kitchen one faces the backyard.

About four this morning, the rain started. One of those come-from-out-of-nowhere storms. Perfectly still and silent one second and a downpour the next. Katie got up and ran to our bedroom window to shut it and I ran downstairs to shut the kitchen window. 

When I got to the kitchen, I heard nothing. No rain at all. In fact, there were still crickets chirping in the backyard. I thought maybe the rain had stopped, but closed the window just in case.

I got back upstairs and you could still hear the downpour pounding on our roof.

We were the dividing line between storm and calm. Weather war and peace. It was kinda surreal. I've never had that sort of thing happen before.

Yes, I make strange observations sometimes. Deal with it.

Oh Casual Friday, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

One Chuck... Two Chuck...


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Suzanne Apgar

Well, the rain does have to start and stop somewhere, doesn't it? But that is too weird!


Just way too weird. 

Sybil Law

I've totally had it raining in the front yard and completely not in the backyard before, but it's pretty rare!
We had a gorgeous double rainbow yesterday - the main rainbow was HUGE. Easily the biggest one I've ever seen.
I need new white Chucks.


I think that's very cool. I probably would have run outside to check it out.


No rainbow here. Sad. 

Go get some Chucks! Now!


I wasn't sure I should risk it. 

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