I'm gonna do it on purpose...

One of my favorite things to do when watching movies is to notice mistakes. This is likely also one thing that people hate about watching movies with. I can't help it, though. I was raised to be a perfectionist and taught to be an editor as part of my career path. Sue me.

The mistakes I tend to look out for include continuity errors such as when an item is there in one frame and not in the next or factual errors like making a reference to President John F. Kennedy in a movie set in 1958. That sort of stuff.

So you can imagine my joy when watching a movie as littered with mistakes as last year's Colombiana starring Zöe Saldaña.

In case you haven't seen it, a young girl named Cataleya (played younger by Amandla Stenberg and older by Saldaña) watches her parents slaughtered by a rival druglord in Colombia. She then swears vengeance and escapes to live with and be trained by her uncle in Chicago. What ensues should be bloody goodness, but I was fairly much bored to tears.

I digress...

The mistakes start off almost as soon as the movie rolls. The first third of the movie is set in both Colombia and Chicago in 1992. We see Cataleya both reading the comic of and drawing a picture of Lucy Lawless' Xena: Warrior Princess character. Hate to break it to ya, folks, but Xena the TV show began airing in 1995 and the comic book began publication in 1996.

The final two thirds of the movie take place in 2007.

Above the desk of one Chicago official, we see a large photo of Barack Obama. I realize he was a Chicago Senator at the time, but who really gives enough of a rat's patootie about Senators to frame a photo of them and place it in their office in a place of honor usually reserved for photos of current Presidents??

At several points in the film, we see Cataleya's love interest, playing by Michael Vartan, using an iPhone. Yes, the first iPhone was released to the public in 2007, so this would normally be acceptable. However, he's using a white-cased iPhone 3G or 3Gs. Those weren't released until summer 2008 or 2009 depending on the exact model used. The original iPhone had a chrome case over the top three quarters of the back and black on the bottom quarter.

There were many other minor continuity errors that I could mention, but why bother. These mistakes were so big to me that I would say they ruined the movie for me, but they didn't. The movie ruined the movie for me.

It's almost as though they were daring us as viewers to notice the mistakes.

It was a few weeks ago at least that he did this, but Ren participated in a meme he called Browser ABCs where "you type in a letter in the address box of your browser and mark down the first site that pops up in your browser history. Could be dangerous, could be boring... let's find out!"

I'm game!

But I'm going to have to limit it to the results from Safari on my iPhone. Since this has quickly become my go-to web browsing device, at least I know the results will be current.

Here goes...

A - www.adorama.com - A photo site as I recall.

B - Browser ABC's on Renagerie - This seems appropriate.

C - Chicago Cubs - Just wait till next year!

D - www.davidlebovitz.com - I'm going to have to see what this one is. I don't remember it. Ah! A recipe site.

E - everything.typepad.com - The blog for my blogware.

F - www.friendorfollow.com - A site to determine who you follow in Twitter that no longer follows you. Also a good way to uncover closed or spam accounts.

G - www.google.com - duh.

H - Horchata - A recipe on the site listed under D. This explains a lot.

I - IRMC, Inc. - A security consultant website I helped out with.

J - A bunch of images with .jpg extensions. Stuff I used here on the blog or whatnot.

K - www.kapgar.com - Woo!

L - Welcome to LINC - The online catalog for my local library. Yeah, I use that a lot.

M - MLB - 'Tis the season.

N - NFL - 'Twas the season.

O - OpenID Authentication Redirect - Probably a login to some site or another.

P - Pitchfork Music Fest - I gotta buy my ticket soon!

Q - Netflix Queue - Not much in it these days. But my mobile queue is increasing.

R - (Google) Reader - My RSS-based lifeline to the online world!

S - Sheldon's #73 t-shirt - I do tend to look up a lot of the T-shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. They're pretty cool. Haven't ordered any yet, though.

T - www.tivo.com

U - Hold Unsuccessful - A results screen I hate to see when trying to place a hold on materials from a library in my network that refuses to interlibrary loan them. Bastards.

V - Voices in my Head - My buddy Bob's blog.

W - www.wineverygame.com - A cheater's site I found out some people use in Words With Friends. Tsk tsk.

X - Nothing is showing up. That's strange. No comments about me hiding my XXX-rated results, okay, Sybillaw?

Y - Yoga Boutique - A business run by one of Katie's cousins in Chicago.

Z - Random Flickr photos that have "z" in the URL. Nothing else.

Well, it wasn't particularly insightful. Perhaps I should try it with a real browser that has years of history built into it. What do you think?

If you decide to replicate this meme, let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

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Suzanne Apgar

Picky, picky, picky, but it does drive you crazy, doesn't it? I don't remember the name of this movie but Oprah produced one about some young black girl. There was a portion that took place in some little southern church during the slavery era. In the background was a picture on the wall of Warner Sallman's "Head of Christ", the most popular depiction of Jesus. Problem is, Warner Sallman did not paint that until the 1930's. In fact, he wasn't even alive in the slavery era. I know this because Mr. Sallman was a family friend. Where are those continuity people when you need them?


Clearly they didn't hire us.

Sybil Law

You know me all too well, Sir.


That I do. ;-)


Ha! This post reminded me to add that movie to my queue... then made me not want to watch it. The sad part is, I am so bad at paying attention to movies, I probably would not have noticed those things. Except maybe the white iPhone ;)


Well, you did like Green Hornet after I trashed it. All subjective. 

Marty Mankins

One of the movies I remember seeing an error in was one called Ransom with Mel Gibson where the boom mic dropped down into a couple of scenes. Also the from the first Lord of the Rings movie is a car driving in the faint background.

Nice bowser list. Years of history helps in many ways for these memes.


I remember those Ransom issues too. There was a cool one from Ben-Hur where when a chariot flipped, you could see a compressed air tank underneath it for added boost. 

Kazza the Blank One

You should get one of these for Chewie


That seriously rocks!

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