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Under the microscope, hope against hope...

Hey look! Yup, it's me! It's me! And I'm actually here to give you another Snippet Wednesday on an actual Wednesday. Not Thursday.

Actually, it has a lot to do with the fact that I think I received a threat on my life from my mother-in-law if I skipped another Snippet Wednesday. I cannot be sure. It was slightly veiled as guilt and contempt just enough that it could be denied in a court of law. But I'm pretty sure the threat was there.

So let's do this so I can live to die another day. That would make a great movie title, don'cha think? Hmmm...

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I'll be drinking Irish tonight...

Sharpen those scissors, it's time for another Snippet Wednesday!

When Katie and I were in San Francisco last October, we stopped at the Spice & Tea Exchange at Fisherman's Wharf. Katie and I love tea so this was a perfect place to stop. A couple days ago, they sent me one of their e-newsletters and, in it, was a recipe for creating tea-marbled Easter eggs. I'm pretty sure Katie and I are going to do this!

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