Mister Pre-si-dennnnnntttt...

Dear kapgar.com,

I wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy seventh blogiversary.

We've had some highs and lows. We've had hundreds of hits per day with dozens of comments and we've had a dozen hits with zero comments. There have been good designs and bad designs.

But we've come through in the end and we're still buddies (I hope).

So happy blogiversary, buddy. You don't look a day over two.

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Jun 14
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Jun 18
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7 years, eh? Crazy! I'm on 8 years as of next week, I think. Congratulations!


Crazy, isn't it? Congrats on eight years, man!




Thanks, Dave!

Sybil Law

Also, you've aged like fine wine.
Happy Blogiversary!

Kazza the Blank One

Happy blogiversary!! :)


Why thank you, darlin'!




Happy 7!!! You were one of the very first bloggers I started reading :)


And I thank you for reading. Cool that I was one of your first. They grow up so fast! ;-)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Pretty cool milestone to reach. Have you gotten the seven-year itch yet? =) I'm pretty sure you're one of the few who are older than me around these bloggy parts.


I'm curious what the seven year itch would be in the blog world. Ditch it entirely? Redesign? New host? 

Kevin Spencer

Wow, nice one. Congratulations mate.



Marty Mankins

Congrats on 7 years of blogging. Keep on keepin' on.

7 years? Man, you've got almost 3 years on me (at least for my Banal Leakage blog - Chillywilly.org has been around since 2002 just more sporadic in posting)


What I'd line to do is repost everything to this blog dating back to my static HTML journal. That's 1998. Oy!

Marty Mankins

Wow. Now that would be a cool project to do. Have it all in once place and going back 14 years.


It would be. Just a lot of work. 

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