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I wanna get away...

The level of creativity and detail of which the human brain is capable both astounds and terrifies me. This morning, I was convinced that I had missed out on a fantastic photo opportunity to share with all of you via my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. I wanted to kick myself.

Then I realized it was all a dream. A very vivid, detailed, graphic dream. And it all happened in the span of 10 reality-based minutes.

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Singing out loud like continuous thunder...

Before I begin this week's edition of Tu(n)esday, I'd like to offer a one-day belated happy birthday to Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, part of the brains behind one of my all-time favorite bands.

Moving on to the topic at hand, I feel this is as good a time as any to discuss what is currently the top contender for my favorite album of the year come year-end. That being Celebration Rock by Japandroids.

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Roll over and die tonight...

There are times when I strongly feel that people should go through training and be licensed before they are allowed to do anything. Usually this is in reference to reproducing and raising children. But I think I might expand that to include running for public office and, well, let's just call a spade a spade here and include speaking at all in public.

Could I be referring to Michelle Bachmann?

There is the remotest of possibilities that I am.

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I like the way you make me stay up late...

Welcome to my first ever Tu(n)esday Concert Review! Wee.

Today, I will be recapping my one-day visit to the three-day Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago (to be heretofore referred to as "PMF" for the sake of my typing sanity). Why only one day? Well, spending more than $100 on concertgoing is one of those things I've not yet conditioned myself to believe is actually a worthwhile expenditure. Stupid adulthood and responsimibility.

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When you're all alone, pick up the phone...

Have you ever heard of a "slumpbuster"?

In sports parlance, and according to Urban Dictionary, a "slumpbuster" occurs when an athlete is in a slump and needs "an easy score to get [their] confidence back up and break the slump" usually by sleeping with someone with whom they normally wouldn't associate. To say it in better-than-provided terms, someone who is not the normal model or beauty queen that many athletes are seen with in public.

Sure, in this case it's definitely a negative term, but the concept is a solid one. Well, other than the sleeping around bit, that is.

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A thousand throats, a thousand lungs...

For those of you guys who have kids, how many of your wife's pre-delivery doctor's appointments and classes did you attend?

Me? I've been making it a point to go to everything I possibly can. The only thing I've missed so far was Katie's very first ultrasound and the only reason that happened was because it was scheduled about two hours before it actually happened. The doctor called it an "emergency" and effectively freaked Katie and I out to the point where I said, "just get up there and get it done! Even if I can't get up there in time." We work about an hour apart and her doctor's office is about 30-45 minutes beyond even that point. I never would've made it in time. She was done and on her way back home by the time I left work (everything was fine, of course).

I digress.

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You know that I won't leave without a fight...

It's Tu(n)esday, folks!

I have become quite the aficionado of electronic music. By that term, I don't just mean stuff like The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk with its high-octane, keyboard and bass-driven music. I'm talking bands like Neon Indian and M83 that actually craft a wide range of sounds using electronic sources and, in some cases, mash those electronic sounds with traditional instrumentation giving it a much richer overall sound.

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