I'll wait...

So here's the latest news on the kapgar 2.0 front.

Basically, there is no news as there is no baby. And there is no baby because there is zero dilation and zero effacing ("effacement"?). Because there is zero of those two very vital things, the doctor doesn't want to rush it with inducing the baby.

As a result of this situation, we won't be trying to induce Katie until, as the doctor says, "between weeks 41 and 42." Week 41 begins this coming Saturday. We have an appointment to have Katie induced on Sunday evening. When that happens, we will stay at the hospital in anticipation of it not really taking much time at all.

So, there will definitely be a baby either late on Sunday the 23rd or early Monday the 24th. Either of those situations, though, negate the cute little "Virgo" onesie we bought for the baby. Damn. And they no longer sell them so we can't get one for Libra.

This does not mean, however, that we can't still have one "the normal way" prior to that time. All we can do is wait and see.

The other night, Katie and I went out to dinner with my parents and my dad, being as strange as he is, threw this question out there (please don't ask for context as I cannot remember how it came up)...

If two same-sex people, who were first cousins, wanted to get married in a state where gay marriage was legal, could they?

Get past the ridiculousness of it all and think it through. The reason for banning first cousin marriages is because of the genetic issues that would arise from the breeding of two people with such similar DNA.

Two same-sex first cousins couldn't have children via intercourse with each other. So, taking that into consideration, could they legally get married?

Things that make you go hmmmm...

Stupid dad.

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Marty Mankins

Extra time in the oven means it will be that much more exciting... and of course, another 2 weeks of waiting (and two more baby bump photos on Instagram)


I thought I was done with baby bump photos!!!!

Suzanne Apgar

The fact that you're even giving a second thought to Dad's question only tells me that you're as demented as he is!!!


You questioned that?

Suzanne Apgar

No, I questioned that you gave it any validity.

Gary LaPointe

Assuming that state actually has a law prohibiting first cousins getting married: What if you had a man/woman cousins couple and it was impossible they're both sterile with tubes tied and a vasectomy? The law would still hold, right? They're probably not going to make an exception for the gay couple, but you never know....

Good luck with everything with the baby this next week!!!


Oooohhhh... Now that's a damn fine point. 


Throw dad a bone every once in a while. 


Regarding the law, I would say it would have to also hold up for first cousins as well. If we start making exceptions, where do you stop? (That goes for a lot of other laws.)

I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but I was a late baby! I came out the natural way though. No inducing and my mom didn't take any pain medication. The woman is a CHAMP I tell you. Crossing fingers little Chewie makes an appearance soon!!

hello haha narf

katie, if you are reading this close your eyes...

ok, if the baby is late, is little chewie still growing? i assume the doctors don't think that will be a problem?

katie, you can start reading again.

so excited for the baby to get here. can't imagine how you two must feel!

also, i kinda love your dad.


Soon would be good. 


Baby is perfectly fine according to the doctors and, thus far, has good space and fluid. Everything is good. 

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

I guess I shouldn't tell you how long it took after Jackie was induced with Tori. We stayed at the hospital but it wasn't a "quick" process. Here's to hoping it happens naturally and fast!


Okay, spill it.


So from the facebook post I guess you dont need the gory details. 

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Okay, spill it.

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