I'm on my way-ee-yay-ay...

In case any of you would like an update on Kapgar 2.0 Watch 2012...

The brother-in-law who predicted the baby's arrival two Wednesdays ago? Wrong.

The coworker who predicted September 7? Ixnay.

The other coworker who predicted September 9 (and said I owe her a bottle of red wine if she's right)? I'm drinking it, you're not.

Katie's prediction of us being "parents by the weekend"? Nuh-uh.

The baby is apparently quite content hiding inside Mommy's tummy. This despite a rather dramatic bump drop and increase in back pain for Katie.

The have even been moments when Katie has sworn she was within minutes of starting labor only to have nothing happen. We even thought her water was starting to break on Sunday afternoon, but that was not the case.

For the record, Hollywood's depiction of "water breaking" as being akin to a human-scale torrential downpour is not always correct. Some women may only experience a trickle, hence our concern over what was a false alarm.

It gets a little frustrating, to be honest. We throw our bags in the car in anticipation of it being "the time" only to have nothing happen. We get our hopes up, and then they're dashed. We feel the adrenaline rush, and then we crash. It sucks.

Sure, we may be getting prematurely excited as the due date is still five days away, but Katie is really feeling it and would like to have it be done. Our joke last week was that she's drafting eviction notices for her in-utero squatter.

All joking aside, we really just want to meet our little biological concoction. We want to see what results when you mix equal parts Katie with me and stir; no shaking here.

So, yes, my prediction of September 11 could still happen as could Katie's original prediction of it happening during the kickoff of the Bears v. Packers game this Thursday evening.

We shall see. And I will keep you informed. Promise.

Another reason why it would've been cool to have kapgar 2.0 arrive this past weekend was because my Aunt Judy and Uncle Bill came up for a quick visit.

Neither of them had met Zoey (our soon-to-be one-year-old niece) yet and wanted to see how Katie was holding up. It was awesome to see them again for the first time in several years and Zoey took to them like white on rice.

It was a great visit that reinforced to me that we have got to make more time to see each other. That's all there is to it.

We miss you already, UB and AJ.

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I've heard first babies like to come late (sometimes, not always the case) so perhaps your little one is content inside for a wee bit longer? I can imagine Katie just wants Chewie OUT ALREADY NOW.

Your niece has gotten so big! Holy heck how time flies.


We're steeling ourselves up for a late arrival but hoping it doesn't come to that. Please don't come to that. 

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