14 posts from November 2012

Read a book about love...

Why does my love of reading go in spurts? I hate that. 

I have been known to make a reading run where it takes me only a few days to finish a book and this has gone on for as long as three years. Horrible for the budget (unless I make use of the library or friends), but great for my feeling of self-education, especially since a lot of what I read is historical or biographical in nature.

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Live, baby, live now that the day is over...

Welcome to a special Father's Day edition of Snippet Wednesday!

Wait, it's not Father's Day! Isn't that supposed to be in May June (I've been corrected that it's actually in June; I knew that, I really did; let's blame it on a parental brain fart)? Why, yes. Yes it is.

This, however, is being referred to as my Father's Day because it is the first day that Nathan and I are spending together on our own as it marks Mommy's unfortunate, but inevitable, return to work.

Nah, forget that. I've got a better name... Daddy/Nathan Domination!! (with apologies to FOX TV)

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Just beat it, beat it...

I had this great idea for what I was going to call an STFU Snippet Wednesday... basically instances where you want to tell people to just STFU (if you don't know what that means, Google it at your own risk). I had a couple ideas for Snippets to include and tried to come up with more, something you think would be easy to do, but it proved much more difficult than I expected while trying to remain both timely and, well, decidedly non-assholish. It's a difficult balancing act.

Instead, I'm going to give you a bunch of quick-fire, random, train-of-thought Snippets for Snippet Thursday: The Reckoning since I thought so long and hard about yesterday's post that I missed out on posting it yesterday. Whoops.

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