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The waiting is the hardest part...

I love it.

We just got home from our third family Christmas celebration. Our fourth, and thankfully final, is tomorrow. Katie is reading The Polar Express to Nathan for the 24th time this month. When he's down, we're going to watch what has become our annual Christmas movie, Love Actually.

And then we're going to bed.

Tomorrow we will wake up to spend our first Christmas as parents.

I seriously cannot wait.

The sun always shines on TV...

I'm just clipping along on these Year-End Best-Of (YEBO) lists, aren't I? If this were any other year, I'd be waiting until the tail end of the year (even more tail end than today, December 23, represents) to write these. Now I'm actually done with all but two of my YEBO lists.

I'm such an overachiever! Must. Stop.

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I ain't pickin' up that phone...

I don't have a lot of time before we hit the midnight mark and I officially blow it with KapBloPoMo, so I'm going to take a few quick moments and present you with some of my favorite apps I've been playing with on either my iPhone, my iPad, or both. We'll consider this my Year-End Best-Of (YEBO) App list. Cool?

I'm going to first list a general category and then the app that best fits it.

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I'm blue...

I wanted to take a quick moment to apologize for the relative lack of relevance of posts this month.

In case you haven't noticed, I've actually posted every day this month so far. I'm making up for the bad month I had in November... and October... and September... and so on and so forth, by doing an unofficial KapBloPoMo (Kapgar Blog Posting Month). 19 days and 19 posts. Not bad. Gotta keep it going, though, even if that means blogging some fluff.

Forgive me?

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Like all the people in my comic books...

Sorry I didn't give you a Snippet Wednesday last night. But I've got an idea for you... I need to start doing my year-end best-of (YEBO) lists and I thought, at least with a few of them, I can do them as Snippets. Might be interesting, right?

Plus, I've gotta change things up a bit around here with my YEBO lists as I don't feel right doing a top 10 countdown for music or movies as I wasn't entirely "committed to the cause," as it were, with either. I can easily name a favorite album of the year, but movie? Not so easy this year. So I may just do Snippetized lists of ones that I enjoyed of each.

TV Awards will be done the same, though. No way to Snippet that. Oh, and I'm adding one or two YEBO lists this year. And this is the first of those...

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And I feel fine...

12-12-12, eh?

The final triple date we'll have until the 22nd century. If the human race survives that long, of course.

I realized that today also marks the start of the single-digit countdown until the Mayan prediction of the end of the world.

Guess I can stop paying my bills.

You look at yourself, you're an elf...

When I was growing up, the big Christmas film to watch was A Christmas Story. This movie came out when I was about six or seven years old and, as I recall, was re-released each holiday season for the next several years and then it was picked up by network and basic cable stations and played to death. Yet we still tuned in annually.

This is not to say that we didn't watch other Christmas movies, but A Christmas Story remained a favorite.

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Is it strong enough to burn away the cooking wine...

I was *this* close to having a 50% posting rate last month. *THIS* *CLOSE*. I missed it by one day because I got lazy yesterday. D'oh!

I'll hold that post until tomorrow or the day after and will, instead, give you my New Year's Resolution Recap for November. 


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