21 posts from January 2013

#5ShotChallenge 2...

Man, did I have trouble nabbing this shot. I can rarely get good depth of field with an iPhone camera. That's one of the biggest problems with something like a point-and-shoot or a cameraphone... little control.

But, since this #5ShotChallenge is based in Instagram, it has to be iPhonography. Well, at least it has to in my personal interpretation.

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Tu(n)esday: Robert DeLong...

A few weeks ago, I first heard the single "Global Concepts" by Robert DeLong and it's been in my head ever since. It's a really catchy electronic tune from this one-man outfit and, being the electronic fan I am, I couldn't help but like it.

The song comes from his Global Concepts EP, which also includes the single "One and the Same" as well as three additional edits of "Global Concepts."

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Snippet Wednesday 2011.03...

Happy Snippet Wednesday, y'all!

Why am I so happy, you may ask? Because we finally got Nathan into daycare today! Sure, it's his shorter of the two days in daycare, but he's there and he seems happy and Katie didn't bust into a crying fit upon dropping him off. Hey, c'mon, this is a big day for us! Now if only I remember to pick him up on my way home tonight...

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Snippet Wednesday 2011.01...

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it's all going okay for you so far. I know it's too early to really tell for sure, but I hope you've at least gotten a good start going.

Welcome to my first post of the year. A day late, I know. But I was really enjoying looking at the post calendar in the right column and seeing it completely full. I wasn't ready to give that up. But, time marches on, so welcome to the first Snippet Wednesday of 2013!

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