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A walk in the past...

In an effort to make some progress on my 2013 Goal of converting my old static blog to Typepad, I loaded my old website's files onto my Microsoft SkyDrive account.

The way I figure it, when I want to start converting, I can just open a file from SkyDrive and copy/paste it into Typepad. Should be easy, right?

Once I loaded all the files into SkyDrive, I started reading some of my early "posts." Wow. Talk about coming a long way. My posts were, at most, a paragraph long in the beginning. And pretty inane, to be honest.

What I found most interesting was the content of the posts, though. Since I started writing in early 1998, I wasn't with Katie yet. In fact, I was dating someone else altogether. And a few of my posts were about that relationship. I don't remember writing this stuff at all, but it's still kinda fun to take that walk down memory lane.

Have you ever found old files or diaries or the like and gone back and read what happened in your life at a given point in the past? What did you (re)discover? Anything fun you'd like to share? Incriminating?



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I have gotten rid of all my journals from HS because they were too embarrassing. But! I sadly admit to looking at old blogs posts from time to time ;)


I kinda wish I had journals from my pre-blog days just to see how embarrassing they could be. I could never get rid of them. 


Sometimes when I find something I wrote from waaaaaaay back I basically laugh at myself and then remember what a nerd/dork I was.

Scratch that, I still am.

I've also found the same thing with my pictures where I'll look back on photos from ages ago and compare them to now. SO much has changed. Do you find that your pictures have changed over time as well?


I have journals (paper) dating back to the early '90's so YES I often find stuff that I didn't remember, is embarrassing, or often I am like WHY DO I STILL DO THAT!?



Oh totally! Old pictures are very "touristy," for lack of a better description. New stuff seems more deliberate and planned... sometimes. 


"Still"?? Oh, do share!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

That's so cool to have a digital memory of your early days blogging!! I kept journals in high school, but have no idea where they are. Though, a girlfriend and I made a time capsule our senior year of high school. We made all sorts of predictions about each other and about others in our class and then we opened it up to kick off celebrations of our 10-year reunion. It was a ton of fun (probably because we were so completely wrong with pretty much all of our predictions!).


That time capsule idea sounds like all kinds of fun!

Kevin Spencer

When I got divorced, started a new life, I made a concious decision to delete all my old blog posts from my former life. Seemed odd to keep them around somehow.


I had no idea you were divorced. I can understand the reasoning behind the decision. 

Marty Mankins

It's funny this post came up and I am reading it today instead of last week. I cleaned a few things off my office desk at home and found a cassette. I popped it into my lone Sony Walkman and listened to it. I first heard KISS "Destroyer" which was cool, but then decided to rewind it to the start. What I heard was from late 1995, a conversation between my then 4 yr old daughter and I that went on for 15 mins. I digitized it (via Gargeband) and archived it. Such a great find and took me back.

I'm sure I have some digital stuff out there that incriminates me somehow, but I like the above find much nicer. As for paper journals, I have a few of those in boxes. Not sure I want to digitize them anytime soon.

Would love to read your stuff pre-2008 (which is when I started reading your blog).


That would be an incredible find! As for my pre-1998 stuff, you do have three years of stuff already to read since I started this in 2005. 

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