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Drunken duty...

There's been a big to-do in Illinois news lately regarding reports that police officers have been allowed to be on duty while "half drunk."

According to an NBC5 Investigative Team report, this has been happening in several Chicago suburbs and it's protected, in some cases, by union contracts.

I don't know about you, but I don't like this one bit.

I am a big supporter of police officers. I'm friends with many that I work with on a daily basis and two of Katie's cousins are local cops. I have more than my fair share of respect for the law enforcement profession and those who "protect and serve" us every day (okay, no "serve" puns, got it?).

I think my concern is with regard to the professionalism and integrity that so many municipal and county police departments espouse, some on the sides of their squad cars, and how the possibility that a cop that pulls you over might not have his/her full faculties about themselves.

Cops get a bum rap as it is from those who think that "the pigs" are out to get them. To legally give them ammunition like this that can be used to question the judgment an officer relies on in order to decide if and when to pull a person over is basically akin to just handing the loonies the keys to the asylum.

I really hope that none of the cops I know ever show up on the job drunk, or "half drunk" as it were. I pray all cops would think better of themselves and their responsibilities and their public perception than to make this mistake.

I would also hope that unions realize the impact this sort of caveat has on the profession as a whole.

If you expect it of us, we should be able to expect it of you.

On Saturday, I reported that Nathan rolled over a couple times.

It happened three more times on Sunday with Katie, her mom, her dad, and myself playing witness to the affair.

Oh, and so did the video camera of my iPhone.


To relate this to the main post, with how quickly all this is happening, it might just drive me to being half drunk on my own. Oy!



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Oh my God, the cuteness. You know no one is going to remember what the main post is about, right?


I figured that much. :-)


Um yeah cops need to be sober. Really no discussion needed on that.

Now to the main point of your post: ZOMG HE'S SO CUTE. I love how he's all "ok! imma gonna doo itt! just kidding. ok NOW imma gonna rollll! just kidding...ok DONE."


He's a tease, isn't he?

Kevin Spencer

Wow, protected by union contract. What an awesome contract. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't want cops showing up half drunk either. But getting that in the contract to begin with is impressive. How did _that_ even happen?


How does anything that messed up ever happen?


There is (or was) a similar situation in Louisiana. I remember working UC over there, and we were often in bars, and you had to swig back (or pretend to) your drink so no one would be suspicious. I was never really all that comfortable with the idea , and even though I'm a drinker, I usually wandered to the bathroom, poured out my longneck and refilled it with tap water.


Suspicious of what specifically?

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