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Nathan woke us up this morning with a very light whimper at about 2:45.

I say "light whimper" simply to note that there was no crying at all. Just him making some sounds that would seem to indicate more that he was shocked to be somewhere unexpected.

I say "somewhere unexpected" to note that he had done a 180 degree bodily flip in his crib. We don't know if he did it in his sleep or after he had woken up but he was flipped and that's what matters.

Nathan is exactly four-and-a-half months old today. I don't know if that puts him ahead of, behind, or right on target with the development curve in terms of when he should begin rolling over, but he's ahead of *our* curve.

Way ahead.

He's growing up too damn fast.

Stop it, kid.

How about some cute Nathan photos to get our mind off this...

Flapjack... Flapjack...

Daddy Pillow FTW! Face to face

Update: He rolled over a second time at 5:15 a.m. Oy!


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Marty Mankins

Love that last one of you looking at him. Papa loves his boy.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Those cuddling photos are ridiculously precious.


Damn right he does. 


I agree!


I can't get over how adorably cute he is. All my friends have the cutest babies!!


You pick good friends!


Yay! Baby pictures! Love them.


Glad you love them. I love taking them. 

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