One of my favorite comedies of all time is Real Genius. My brother and I watched that movie so many times growing up that we could quote it. I can still quote it, in fact.

One great line from the movie goes something like...

Chris Knight (Val Kilmer): Would you be prepared if gravity reversed itself? The only thing I can't figure out is how to keep the change in my pockets. I've got it! Nudity!

When we first started taking Nathan to daycare, we were warned by a ton of people to be prepared for him to come home with every illness you can possibly imagine... and then some.

I'm starting to think that illnesses are not my biggest concern with Nathan's daycare. It would seem that children trying to figure out how to keep change in their pockets should gravity reverse itself is.

Two weeks ago, I was informed by Nathan's daycare provider, who I shall refer to as "L," that one of the little girls in daycare with Nathan that day was having issues with her clothes. More specifically, she didn't want to keep them on. L had redressed her about three or four times only to have the girl run away, take off her clothes, and then hide from L.

My reaction? "Her mom's gonna love her come college."

This past Thursday, I was picking up Nathan when L told me she had to go help a little boy go to the bathroom. She led him to the bathroom and set everything up and let him do his thing. A couple minutes later, he comes running out yelling "I DID IT! I DID IT! ALL BY MYSELF!"

Yep, he did it alright. Everything but put his pants back on. So here he is running around the living room in L's house wearing a shirt and nothing else.

What did I say to the kid as he stood in front of me cackling maniacally with all his glory dangling for the world to see? "Enjoy it while it's legal, kid."

I packed up Nathan in his carseat and left.

If nudity were an airborne illness, I'd worry like everyone is telling me I should.

I pray it's not.

It isn't, is it?

Please say no.

Those mice in our house are getting to be right clever little bastards.

I've been putting out snap traps (so sue me, animal lovers!) to catch the little filth mongers regularly for a few months now and have caught my fair share of them.

But this past weekend, I set a few more traps and put peanut butter on them, which has seemed to do a great job of speeding up the catching process. Instead of waiting a day or so to catch a mouse, I'll have something trapped within hours.

Last night, though, I checked the traps and noticed that all the peanut butter had been eaten from the triggering device with no trapped mouse stuck in there. ALL THE TRAPS WERE CLEAN!

I couldn't believe it. They'd gone all Jerry the Mouse on me by removing the bait without getting snared.

I've got another idea for what I can do to bait the traps and hopefully it will work.

As a note, I have a pretty good idea where they're coming in but need to know if dishwashers are mounted under a countertop or can I just pull the appliance out without causing any damage? Anyone know?

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There should be two screws holding it to the underside of the countertop. Open the door and look up, you should see two little metal tabs with screws. After that slide it out carefully, but you may not be able to pull it out without also disconnecting the water lines and power wiring.

Glue traps are my best friend for catching mice at work. D-Con also works great, but then the little bastards go off and die somewhere.


I thought there was a bit more to it than just taking it out. I just wanna get back there and stuff some steel wool around the water feeds. I'm afraid to use poison due to randomness of death sites. Stupid mice. 


Try putting the peanut butter in a cotton swab and wrap the cotton swab around the trigger device. It's a little more difficult for them to clean it off then.


Not a bad idea. Thanks. 

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