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I've admitted in the past that I'm not a big fan of reviewing music. It's just never been an easy thing for me to do. And the lack of comments on my last couple music reviews would indicate that music reviews may not exactly be the primary reason why you read me. Saving that stuff for Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, eh? I can't say I blame you.

But I do love music and don't necessarily want to give up on talking about it here. And I do so love the name "Tu(n)esday" and don't want to quit using it.

So, this week, I'm going to try something a little different and mash up my only two real blogging themes here to give you the FIRST EVER SNIPPET TU(N)ESDAY featuring nothing but music-related Snippets!!! I'm not sure quite yet how this will affect my normal Snippet Wednesday post. We'll see, won't we?

As you know, Katie and I have been taking part in a Couch-to-10K program to get our butts running again. This particular app (10K for Pink Free) we've been using, unbenownst to me when downloading it from the iOS App Store, gives something called Kiip Rewards when you finish a run. For the last two runs, they've given me a free dollar in credit from the Amazon MP3 Store. Normally, I wouldn't bother with this sort of marketing crap, but it's FREE MUSIC. Combine the credit with the killer music sales that Amazon has and I'm basically getting even more music for free. WIN!

Have you ever had music that you once loved just completely burn you out? I'm having that right now with the proliferation of bluegrassy roots folk bands. I'm so tired of banjoes and acoustic guitars and all the other strange instruments that these bands implement. And the twang... oh dear sweet God the twang. Just make it stop. Right now, I can't stand Mumford and Sons, a band whose debut album was number two on my Year-End Best-Of list back in 2010. And, of course, that damn song "I Will Wait" off their latest album is EVERYWHERE!! I swear I switched off Sirius/XM Alt Nation because they were playing it only to discover that Sirius XM/U was ALSO PLAYING IT!

This may change, but, for right now, I need fast and semi-heavy music. Not heavy metal, per se, but just something with a little oomph. My iPhone is teeming with Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion, The Fratellis, Japandroids, Faith No More, Sleigh Bells, VCMG, Douglas J. McCarthy (something KevinAZ introduced me to), and Green Day and it makes me smile.

Here's hoping this viewpoint changes as I plan to attend the Pitchfork Music Festival again this year and a lot of the bands that sign up to play tend to have that sort of sound. While most of the schedule has yet to be determined for 2013, one thing they do have set are each night's closing acts. On Friday they will have BJÖRK (the really weird one is R. Kelly who closes out the whole festival on Sunday)!! I have been a fan of Björk's music for 15+ years and have never seen her live. That is, thankfully, going to change.

I just wish she wasn't playing on Friday, the stunted day of the festival. It costs the same as Saturday and Sunday, but you get three hours less music. That part sucks. But BJÖRK!!!

[Image courtesy of fanpop.com]

Remember back when record stores existed? I used to love going to them. I could spend hours there perusing the album art, listening to open albums, dickering with the owners on the value of a traded-in album, searching through T-shirts and stickers and posters. Those were the days. There were several I went to including Kiss the Sky (which, unbelievably, still exists), Flip Side, and Bizzy Bee. The sad thing is, as much as I shopped the others, I cannot remember their names.

Do you have any favorite record stores you remember fondly? Care to share some memories?


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I always enjoy your music posts, but most of the time I'm so far behind the times I've never even heard of the bands you talk about. (I'm REALLY old!)


But I'm giving you the perfect discovery opportunity. Go. Listen. Now. ;-)

Kevin Spencer

Glad you like Douglas McCarthy mate! While the whole blue grass banjo thing has never really been my cup o' tea, I do agree that it's EVERYWHERE. The other day we were driving and that same "I Will Wait" song came on three times in the space of 15 mins.


I couldn't even bring myself to listen to the new Mumford album at all. Maddening, I tells ya!

Marty Mankins

Free Amazon credit - no matter how much or how little it is - is always a WIN.

What Faith No More songs are you rocking?

Record stores... I have so many favorites, but two that stand out for me were both in Southern Calif. Music Market in Costa Mesa, CA was a place I would spend a lot of time (and money) at. I owned a good 600 albums at one point and miss those records (my mom hated my music and tossed them all without my consent, of course.) The other was a chain store called Licorice Pizza. Not sure if they existed outside Calif, but I loved that store as well.


I have a Faith No More hits album and Angel Dust. Live them. Need more. 

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