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Wouldn't it be cool if premium cable channels offered packages based on their original programming? For example, offer a 10-week package that runs the span of a season of, say, Game of Thrones. They could charge a bit of a premium since you're not committing to an entire contract year of the channel. The viewer could get the show they want and, like I said, not be locked in and have to spend upwards of $120 for the added channel that they may never use otherwise. Is anybody from HBO reading this? Make it so!

I received a free month's subscription to Hulu Plus in email the other day. I'm debating if I want to bother trying it out. Do any of you use it? Worth it? What are the plusses and minuses? I want to see if it's even worth signing up for since they'll likely require me to enter a credit card and I hate doing that for free trials unless it's truly worth my time.

I believe this is how Storm Shadow got his start...

Storm Shadow in training

...full body wrap in a white towel after being bathed as a baby. Now he's a bad ass ninja working for Cobra! Storm Shadow, that is; not Nathan.

When it first came out in 1998, I saw There's Something About Mary in theaters and hated it. And I have not seen it since. Until a couple weeks ago when, for whatever reason, Katie and I started watching it on TV. We finally finished it last night on DVD. While still not exactly my cup of tea, I gotta admit I did find myself laughing a lot more and discovering that I really don't remember that movie at all. Brett Favre was in it??

Twice yesterday, Nathan reached out and started mashing one of his hands into my face moving my cheeks and nose and lips around. He seemed thoroughly fascinated by it. I can only imagine that his immediate thought was, "Wow! My daddy's face is made of clay!" His follow-up thoughts to that were likely "What's clay?" and "What's a daddy?" Can't really prove otherwise, can I?

Well, I'm off. I bid thee adieu.

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Odd. My cable company lets me add channels with no commitment. I can add for a month when Thrones is over and being rerun so I can see the season, then remove it. Easy!


I'll have to call them. On the website, they listed a deal to add any one premium cable channel for $10/month for 12 months. Maybe that's just how long it's good for and I don't have to keep it that whole time. I will find out. 


Those CHEEKS.Cutie!!

Our cable company was holding us hostage to what we could/couldn't do (or as other people call it "options" except I don't when there isn't any other competition in town). So we cancelled tv cable and only have internet. Because of that I signed up for Hulu Plus and use it almost daily. I catch up on shows I like (except for CBS shows and Downton Abbey- for those I just go to their respective websites).

I'm sick of cable companies charging me so much money for something that shouldn't cost more than $50. At most. Even Internet should be free for all. I clearly have not so nice feelings towards them.


My primary use of Hulu+ is for watching shows when mobile. We do also use it for catching up on episodes we've missed for one reason or another (which we can do on the TV as we have several devices with Hulu+ support). Oh, I forgot the *real* reason I got it: I use it to watch The Daily Show full episodes without having to use a computer (we don't have cable). Most of the other shows I watch are also available via their respective network's app, though I find using the Hulu app is a better experience. And, of course, the networks' apps aren't on my TV-connected video streaming devices (not counting AirPlay, which may or may not work with those apps).

As for your HBO suggestion, the presumptive reason for their original content in the first place is to drive subscriptions up, so it doesn't seem like they'd do something counter to that. Still, when we still had cable, that was exactly how I managed my HBO subscription during the run of The Sopranos.

On the other hand, I do think it would be in HBO's interest to allow people like me, who have dropped cable altogether, to subscribe. I'm not certain how much I'd be willing to pay for an HBO Go subscription sans cable, but anything less than $20 would be very tempting. If they made it $20/month or $180/year, I'd probably go ahead and pay the yearly rate rather than picking-and-choosing months based on content.

Make it so!


So no real issues with Hulu other than it not getting all channels? I think Katie and I would need web-enabled TVs before we go to web TV. We watch too much to try to keep up on it all on an iPad or laptop. 


I agree HBO should offer non-subscriber plans. Shane they don't. They're missing a whole market there. 

Kazza the Blank One

I also saw There's Something About Mary at the cinemas and *hated* it. I thought it was the just about the stoopidest movie *ever*.


Yup. That sounds about right. And all your friends loved it, right?

Marty Mankins

Ren has already mentioned my wish, but due to contracts with cable companies, I don't see a non-cable HBO To Go subscription happening anytime soon. I'm sure HBO would love to offer it to those of us that wish not to have it via a cable sub. And Comcast allows us to add any premium channel for a month at a time without issue.

Hulu Plus... we have no DVR and no plans to get one soon (as much as I would love to have a DVR, I don't think paying $8-15 a month for one is cost effective). For $8, Hulu Plus lets us time shift TV. There's enough shows from the various networks on it that we watch a lot. A few, like Jimmy Kimmel and The Simpsons don't support iPad or PS3 or Apple TV yet, so you have to watch those via the computer, but I think it's worth the $8 month.


I just see my wife getting too frustrated with figuring out what is and is not available, what's compatible with what, and where to find it. I see myself being frustrated too. Plus, Katie's mom provides daycare for Nathan at our house and she does turn on the TV while he naps so I'd like it to be easy for her to figure out how to find shows. I don't see streaming as a solution for that. 

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