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Snippet Wednesday 2013.21...

Vacation can have a negative effect on blogging. As in, "I'm just not doing it." But I am going to keep the Snippet Wednesdays going as they really serve as a great way to recap all that has been happening.

And, since I'm sitting in our hotel room watching The Karate Kid (the new one with Will Smith's kid and Jackie Chan) while both Nathan and Katie are asleep, why not?

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Happy Mother's Day...

To my mom and my grandmas and to Katie's mom and grandmas, we would both like you all to know how important you are to us and how much we love you. Beyond words. I wish there was a better way to say it, but there isn't. Just know we love and appreciate you ridiculously.

I also want to wish a very happy first Mother's Day to Katie from both Nathan and me. We love you so much, hon, and could not do this without you.

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Tu(n)esday: Nostalgic...

Before I start my post today, I'd like to offer my condolences to the family of Ray Harryhausen who died today at the age of 92. He was the creative mind behind one of my all-time favorite fantasy flicks The Clash of the Titans (the original). He was a visual effects wizard who pioneered "Dynamotion," a brand of stop-motion model animation that highlighted interaction between stop-motion models and human actors.

While most of his work is all but forgotten in this Industrial Light and Magic-enhanced world of computer effects, I regularly watch The Clash of the Titans and relive my youth. Thank you for that, Mr. Harryhausen. Rest in peace.

I guess the rest of this post is actually somewhat related in that I'm about to discuss the topic of music nostalgia. Specifically, I want to know what were some of the first albums you ever bought with your own money and of your own accord?

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