Snippet Wednesday 2013.19...

Welcome to an exhausted Snippet Wednesday. Why "exhausted"? I just ran on my lunch break. Although it wasn't as long a run as I would've liked, it still kicked my butt and I'm still in recovery mode.

In my desire to find something new to look at while running, I went through a nearby cemetery. You might think that sounds creepy, but, let me tell you, it was a very peaceful run. Open streets, tree lined, quiet, nobody else there save for the guy burying a body (no, I'm not kidding on that one). It was ideal. And the perfect place should the run really hit me hard. Oh, and when that didn't happen, the next place I ran past was a hospital. Fatalistic much? Hey, I'm all about convenience. But, seriously, the #manintheyellowrunninghat lives on!

Got in a text conversation with Katie's mom yesterday while she was taking care of Nathan. Turns out that in little more than a couple hours, Nate filled up four diapers with poop. Normally that kind of output might be alarming. But, considering he'd been stopped up for more than a week, we welcomed it. So did he. He slept like a baby after that (pun fully intended). Amazing how you come to a point in your life when you look forward to poop.

Well, the long-rumored movie based on the FOX-TV series 24 isn't going to happen. But, what is going to happen is a return to TV of the show. A 12-episode mini-season of a show that is based on a 24-hour span of time will be interesting. Apparently, they are going to cut a lot of the fluff extraneous storyline and they may skip around the clock a little bit thus explaining how traffic always works in his favor and how we never see him eat or go the bathroom. Do you think Jack Bauer wears a diaper?

I guess with the ending of Burn Notice after this season and the likely, yet still unannounced, ending of Psych after this season (you had to figure this was happening considering Maggie Lawson is headlining a new series on one of the big four networks this coming fall), my desire to watch less TV that I expressed yesterday is receiving some help. But I actually like those two shows. Booger.

Is it wrong that I completely love the simplicity of this Nada Surf t-shirt? Just all kinds of retro cool.

Time to check our cookie jar!

Have a good one! And don't go running near cemeteries or hospitals.

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Marty Mankins

For those of us that are older (i'm speaking of myself), sometimes pooping can be overrated. But for Nathan, it sounds like it was welcomed.


They have diapers for both ages. 

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