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Snippet Wednesday 2013.30...

For a second there, I really thought I was going to miss this Snippet Wednesday. Usually I have a series of potential Snippets (along with other writing ideas) stored in my Clear app. I have compiled nothing... zilch... zip... zero... NA-DA.

But leave it to Nathan to inspire me. And he did just that tonight watching some of his shows on TV. I thought I'd use this Snippet Wednesday to recap a few of them. I promise to try and make them fun.

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Do you cause permanent mental or emotional harm to a baby by coming up with nicknames for them? What I mean is, will Nathan be seeking therapy due to the nicknames we use for him now at this early age?

I hope not because we use nicknames for Nathan all the time. A lot of them are the result of something that he's done and someone or something he may, at that moment, resemble. For example, what baby with its pudgy little belly doesn't get called "Buddha" at some point in time or another?

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Tu(n)esday: Pitchfork 2013 Recap...

The weekend of July 19-21, 2013, has come and gone and, as we've done every summer since 1999, my buddy, Eric, and I went to one specially chosen day of the three-day Pitchfork Music Festival. We don't like to go to all three days because we're old and we're poor and our patience for smelly people is waning and I'm sure there are other reasons, but whatever.

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