I've made no bones about my hatred of those insipid stick figure family stickers on cars. I like to think of them as the next wave of Calvin peeing stickers. I hate them both.

However, of late, I've noticed a trend regarding these stickers that makes me smile... the broken family sticker family.


Have you seen a vehicle with these family stickers that has a gaping hole where it seems someone is missing?

I've seen them a couple times recently. Usually a family sticker set missing a mother. It's very obvious because the mom falls between the dad on the far left and the kids/pets to the right.

[photo courtesy of Dump A Day]

The first time I saw it was a missing mother stick figure. The second time was a pair of flip flops in the mommy position.

The only thing I can figure is that someone's zombie sticker family brutally attacked the normal family at which point she joined their undead sticker family. Or, in the case of the flip flops, it just walked away to a new family or maybe dreamed of being tennis shoes.


No, not really.

Anybody so devoted to their stick figure family they'd rather eliminate a figure than just put a new set of stickers up deserves my scorn.


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Marty Mankins

Now that's a clever use of the stick family. I've seen Star Wars ones. Would love to see LEGO ones, even though I would much rather see none of them at all.


They do have LEGO ones. Different sized minifig heads. Katie and I saw them on a Ford Flex near where we live. About the only sticker family I would consider. 

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Maybe the flip flops mean mom has gone on a vacation ... or is swimming with the fishies? =D


Mafia family stickers? I like it!


Oh dear, I haven't seen this type yet.

I don't like putting any stickers on our car (except the ones of course required by state/county), but I have to say, I am a little partial to the Star Wars family stick figures.


People never use the Star Wars ones right. Daddy is Vader, Mommy is Leia, baby is R2... HOW?? Leia is Vader's daughter, you incestuous dumbass, and they CANNOT breed a robot. You're not the dumbass... The person I saw with them. 

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