This weekend is Wizard World, the Midwest's premier comic con, in Chicago.

Am I there?



Well, it's kinda expensive and I didn't really have much time to plan and Katie is still on the fence about going (even with the promise of Wil Wheaton and Zachary Quinto there) and Nathan's not old enough to go. I really want to go with both of them as I think they'd have a lot of fun.

Not that I know, personally, as I've never been to a Con in my life. Yeah yeah, I know... BAD GEEK!!

And freaking Norman Reedus is there!! I love Norman Reedus!


So what did I do instead? Katie and I watched Galaxy Quest with breakfast. I love that movie passionately. And since it features several Cons, it's kinda my way of making up for it.

Perhaps next year.

And in costume.

Don't you think Nathan and I would make a good Luke Skywalker and Yoda?


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Gary LaPointe

Galaxy Quest was a great movie that definitely didn't get enough credit for being so fun!

Luke and Yoda is totally what I thought even before I scrolled down that far.

I went to a big comic convention when I was a kid but nothing like they have now!


Cons kinda scare me, in all honesty. 


Haha! Yes, yes you would :) And it looks like Nathan agrees!


I think he does too. 

Marty Mankins

YES! You and Nathan have found this year's Halloween costume. I approve.


I think we already have Halloween covered so long as Nathan still fits in it. 

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