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Lost n Found...

Aug 12
Last week, I took the afternoon off for a personal goings-on. I left at about 1 p.m. thinking I might be gone for a while. In fact, Katie had even checked with Nathan's daycare provider to be sure she was...
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Snippet Wednesday 2013.32...

Aug 14
Enjoy another titillating Snippet Wednesday. Yes, I said "titillating" and I stand by it! Akimbo I hearby declare that teenage and 20-something women are NEVER allowed to pose for photos with their hands up on their hips (akimbo) and their...


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Ha! That's actually pretty cool! Also love your iphone case!

Kevin Spencer

I love it!


Thanks, man!


Thank you kindly on both counts. The case is getting pretty beaten up, though. Thankfully it was only $8. 

Marty Mankins

Very cool drawing. Love it. Hope it made the day nice.


It was certainly fun to draw. 

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