"He wasn't kissing me. He was trying to EAT MY EYEBALL!"

Perhaps some context is in order.

This morning, Nathan was crawling all over me smothering my face with his big, open-mouth, drool-laden kisses.

However, on one instance, he bared his teeth, dug a couple into the fleshy part at the top of my cheek below my eye and clamped down.

Then he kept pushing forward over my face dragging my cheek with him. Until, of course, my cheek would go no further and his teeth pulled free... without letting go.


Of course, being an infant, he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong. And he's too damn cute to ever get mad at especially when he gives you that giant goofy smile. So you do your level best to simply move on. And pray you're not bleeding everywhere.

I love him.

I do.


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Aug 23
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Loved this post; wait until he does actually cover your face with kisses - you will feel your heart explode.


Oh he does that too. Just not that time. That time was destruction mode. 


Haha! Yeah, he's WAY too cute to get mad at. :)


WAY too cute. 

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Gavin was a biter. It's a phase. For Gavin, it lasted a few months (we got too many incident reports during that time). It had everything to do with not having enough words to express frustration. Once he gained a few words and the confidence to say NO, everything changed! I'm sure it will for Nathan, too ... or, you could always just bite back. =)


Bite back??? OHMIGOD you are such a terrible influence!!! 

JK :-)

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