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C'mon, folks, please file on inside. There are a lot of people here so please squeeze in. Don't worry, once inside, you'll be more comfortable. Snippet Wednesday is always much bigger on the inside.

While at lunch with my mom today, a woman was walking a labradoodle and my mom stopped her to talk. Apparently this dog is in training as a service dog. My mom asked the dog's name and the woman said "Tardis." I snickered a bit and the woman knew immediately that I got it (Doctor Who) but then she explained that in addition to just being nice and geeky, she liked that the dog, much like the TARDIS, is an living, breathing, caring extension of the person that it serves. Okay, way cool.

And my strange Snippet Wednesday introduction suddenly makes sense.

Speaking of TV, I'm happy to report that Men at Work, one of Katie's and my favorite sitcoms of late, has been picked up for season three. Way to go, TBS!

On a much more somber television note, though, our condolences go to the family and friends of Lee Thompson Young, costar of TNT's Rizzoli and Isles. Katie and I are big fans of that show as well and are sad to know that Young felt things were so bad that he had to resort to taking his life. We will miss you, Detective Frost.

This is the second time I've wanted to say something on my blog about news events surrounding personal privacy, government invasion of it, and the leaking of details regarding the invasion. The first was about the hunt for Edward Snowden, but Marty covered that so well I just linked to his blog post. This time was going to be about the Heathrow Airport detention of David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who helped Snowden get his information out. And, once again, Marty's post is just so well done that I'm going to link you over there. Take it away, Marty!

The next time I complain about the lack of hits on this blog, remind me that I'm pushing you all away to my friends' sites instead of just letting you read here.

The professional business networking social media site LinkedIn is lowering the minimum age for new members from 18 to 13. They say it is for the purposes of giving kids an online profile that is separate from their Facebook profiles for college admissions officers and potential employers to read. While I can see merit in the idea, do you really think that's going to stop admissions officers and employers from checking out their Facebook profiles? While I agree with Dr. Bernie Hogan in his opposition to employers intruding on Facebook profiles while screening candidates, I also think that if people are going to make this information public, the employers and college officers have the right to look (demanding access to private accounts, on the other hand...). In fact, if anything, don't you think recruiters and admissions folks would want to check out the Facebook profiles even more now to see if the two personas mesh or discover if one is complete B.S.?

No good can come of this. And if LinkedIn starts to add games and the like to their service and I get bombarded with friend request spam, I'm done. LinkedIn has provided no viable service to me in the five years I've been an active member. This would just make it even less useful.

I'm only three stars away from renewing my Starbucks Gold Card for another year! Yay me!

Come January 1, 2014, Illinois will have an active ban on the use of cell phones while driving. That means no more holding the phone to your ear and talking. I believe it also bans all handheld use of cell phones while driving. No web browsing, no texting (that was already a law), no Tweeting, no nothing. Time to get Bluetooth, people. Sure, you can use a hands-free ear piece, but you can't dial with your hands or browse your contacts list to make the call. And makers of Bluetooth radios rejoiced.

For the last week or so, I've been listening to a lot of Pearl Jam. I'm not sure why I started listening again for the first time in a few years, but I did. It also made me decide that I needed to have higher quality rips of their studio albums (256kbps) and I was fully prepared to check their albums out of the library to do so. Then, a week ago, Katie and I were cleaning out our downstairs pantry/closet and I found two boxes of CDs. In one of them was basically the entire library of Pearl Jam studio albums through about 2002 including a couple of their "bootleg" live discs (from the two concerts Katie and I saw together), an import single of "Jeremy," and a collection of rarities and B-sides, among some other stuff. I forgot we owned these. I knew we did at one point, but I thought I'd either traded/sold or lost the discs as it had been years since I've seen them. The only thing I need are the albums from post-Riot Act (all two of them) and I'm set. Woo! Go Jam.


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Gee.....I wonder where you could get some quality PJ music? Hmmmmmm, this is a tough one. If only you knew a few people with killer PJ catalogs that you might see in the near future, that would be helpful to you I bet. Ugh, I wish I had some advice for you buddy but I just can't think of anyone.


Sadly, neither can I. Shame. 

Any chance I can borrow their latest two studios?

Kevin Spencer

So the dog is much bigger on the inside than he appears on the outside? Oh, and agreed that Marty's Miranda writeup was spot on.


I asked if I could check to see if the dog was bigger on the inside. The owner looked at me, made a disgusted face, and then stormed off. I can't figure out why. 

Marty Mankins

Much thanks for the props on my posts. This lack of transparency on the government and how much they are trying to silence these whistleblowers is something that I can't be silent on.

That is a most excellent find of those Pearl Jam discs. So nothing past Riot Act? They are good albums, with Backspacer being a better release than the self-titled avocado album.


I remember liking both post-Riot Act albums but it's been too long since I've listened. Time to get back into them. 

Marty Mankins

I totally missed 3 other Snippets... 3 stars away from Gold Card for another year. That is awesome. I love me the Gold Card.

Agree with your LinkedIn position. I don't see the advantage here.

I do support these laws, although the complete hands off of the phone is hard to do. My 2012 Nissan Sentra has bluetooth built into the car, so I just pair up my iPhone and anytime a call comes in, I tap the answer button on the steering wheel and talk away. When I'm done, I hang up. Now while that makes it truly hands free for incoming calls, I've not mastered how to make outgoing calls without touching the phone (Siri works very well, but you still have to hold down the center button).


It's tough to place calls hands free. I can tell Bluetooth to dial Katie at work but I need to tap added numbers once in the call center. Sucks but I have to. 

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