Katie and I were checking out the Sunday sales ads last night when I found something that pissed me off to no end that I just had to vent.

Best Buy was advertising the season five DVD release of Sons of Anarchy (a couple weeks earlier than I was expecting, BTW) and highlighting a freebie they were packaging with the set... a t-shirt that says in big bold letters something that pretty much spoils the ending of the season.

I'm not going into details as I'm not that cruel. But if you've seen the season, you know what I mean.

Not that I'm not still going to watch it but if I needed yet another reason to hate Best Buy, well there you go.

Need I remind you all the rules of spoilers?

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Marty Mankins

Perhaps they need to put the text in the same color as the background of the box. Like what some of us do when we post spoilers online (white text on white background, using the mouse to scroll over to reveal the spoiler)


It was a photo. Might not work so well.

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