Tu(n)esday: TV on the Radio...

One of the bigger surprises for me at the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival was how much I enjoyed the live set from TV On the Radio.

In all fairness, it wasn't as though I was expecting them to be bad or anything. I knew and owned quite a bit from the band including their albums Return to Cookie Mountain, Dear Science, and the then-new Nine Types of Light. It was just that, of the lineups in 2011, the day when TVotR was not the day I particularly wanted to go. I can't remember which day I preferred or who was playing that I really wanted to see. But that my PMF-going pal Eric had won the choice of days that year combined with the fact that I had low-grade heat exhaustion earlier on and, well, I was a little less than enthusiastic to see TVotR.

But, oh did they put on a great show! One that was so good, in fact, that I went on a bender with their music for the next couple months. That's a sign of a great live performance, when I'm not so done with a band after seeing them perform that I want to keep listening.

It's now been a couple years since the release of Nine Types of Light and we finally have a new single - "Mercy."

A half dozen listens in since picking it up and I love it.

It's got a lot of the speed that we know from songs like "Wolf Like Me" but minus some of the sonic snarl. Drummer Jaleel Bunton kills it on this track. It would be a great way to open a live set and a good track for a workout mix.

Give it a listen.

No clue at this time when their new album is expected. But I can't wait.


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