Snippet Wednesday 2013.36...


Last night, Katie and I were getting Nathan ready for bed.

The problem we have with him, though, is that no matter how tired he may seem downstairs -- the eye rubbing, the ear pulling, the yawning, the whimpering -- once he gets to his room and sees the stuff up there that he doesn't have downstairs, he gets a second (or "fifth") wind. So we have to let him play for a little bit.

We changed his diaper, put on his pajamas, gave him part of his bottle, and then I handed him off to Katie. She had him standing up and he kinda looked at her then turned to the side and... ROLF! all over the carpet. Not too terribly much on Katie. A vast majority was on the floor and on Nathan.

I jumped up to grab a towel we had nearby and put it on the floor and he threw up again.

We were pretty sure he was done, so I wiped down his face a little and then took him from Katie to check him out. Obviously I wasn't expecting him to answer when I asked, "are you okay?" but he still 'responded' by projectile vomiting a little more than a foot across the chasm separating us and covered my T-shirt and shorts and legs in a mass of off-white liquid and regurgitated peaches. Regan McCain ain't got nothin' on Nathan Apgar!

The strange thing was he didn't cry at all.

Nathan usually cries after vomiting anywhere near that badly. But he didn't. He actually looked relieved.

So we thought about it a little while we cleaned up and realized the common factor across all his seemingly inexplicable vomiting episodes of late was peaches. There was nothing else identifiable in the mishmash last night but bits of peaches and we had fed him a variety of things that day with quite a bit coming after he ate those peaches at lunch. And none of that was in there.

A few weeks ago, Nathan's cousin Ava was visiting. We knew Ava liked the cups of peaches in light syrup, so we picked some up to have on hand. Then we started giving the rest to Nathan. Why waste them, right? Up to that point, though, the only peach bits we had given him were cut fresh off the fruit.

We checked with Katie's mom because she had a vomiting episode a week or so ago with him... peaches were in there.

Mystery solved, Super Readers! Nathan's system doesn't like the cups of processed peaches.

We figure it's likely the syrup is too sweet, or the peach bits are so coated with syrup they slide down his throat without being chewed enough, or they're too stringy to break down as much as his system needs... or some combination of factors thereof.

Whatever the case may be, we're not giving those to him again.

Regurgitated peaches... it's what's NOT for dinner anymore.

Oh yeah, I meant to say that if you have a weak stomach or are prone to sympathy vomiting, please don't read this post. Guess I'm too late for that, eh?


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Don't forget to mention it when you go to the doctor... hopefully it's not an allergy of some sort!


Good point!


Yeah, that's how we found out our girls were allergic to nuts. They tried some... and threw up multiple times.


Well he's good with regular peaches so we've got that. 

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Definitely tell the doctor. Does he do it with any other food?


We'll have to pay closer attention but none that we can think of. 

Marty Mankins

For some reason, I have that song in my head now.. "peaches for you, peaches for me..." Guess Nathan got rid of his peaches.

Hope he's ok now.

I just realized that Nathan's nickname could be Napgar. He does take naps, right?


Other comments mention it but definitely check to see if it's not some sort of allergy.

And next time don't hold him facing you after you've fed him. This way he'll throw up in the opposite direction. ;-)

Hope he's feeling better!


Millions of peaches, peaches for free. LOOK OUT! 

Yes, those are the actual lyrics. And they work beautifully. He does nap but not as much as he used to. It could change though. Who knows?


Actually the other direction would've been his bookshelf. I'd rather take the hit personally than have to clean all those books or try to live with the stink of vomit ingrained in paper. 

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