Snippet Wednesday 2013.37...

Let's see if I can cobble together some stuff for a viable Snippet Wednesday on its proper day and time, shall we?

Hey, it's not always as easy as you might think.

Yes, my iPhone is in the process of updating to iOS 7.0. It was just made available today and I'm jumping on board right now. I love what I've seen of the new iOS so far, so why not. And I read an article earlier today that made me even more excited. Can I find that link now? Of course not. C'est la vie, eh? This article, however, is not dissuading me in any way.

I just realized that my update to iOS 6 on our iPhones and iPads was almost exactly a year ago... when Katie and I were in the hospital just days after she delivered Nathan.

Can you believe that Nathan's first birthday is tomorrow? Neither can we. This last year has just blown by. People always tell you that time flies when you have a kid, but you never can truly know until you've experienced it. And that's just what we're doing and it is, indeed, flying by. Don't worry, I've got a post just for him coming tomorrow.

Updating, take 2
My iOS 7 update is still not done!!

Of course when asked to give advice to new actors who are moving to Chicago to film their own TV shows, the cast of Chicago Fire, one of my favorite current shows, focused on winterizing. It's truly necessary, no doubt, but c'mon! You can do better than "get a warm coat!" Still a funny watch, though.

Oh, and I'm in shock... SHOCK, I tells ya... about David Eigenberg not liking Chicago-style pizza. He's a native Chicagoan! Blasphemy! Not that I don't eat other styles, but not liking Chicago-style at all?? AHHHHHH!!!!

Thankfully, Ayvani Hope Perez was found alive after being taken from her parents' house during a botched robbery attempt the other night. Shortly after that, I tried to find a Twitter account that would cover all Amber Alerts throughout North America and nothing immediately came up that had actually been used anytime in the last two years. Seriously? Why the heck not?!?! Several states have their own Amber Alert accounts but so few kidnappings stay within a state's boundaries. There needs to be a general North American Amber Alert Twitter account. Maybe I should see about making that happen.

Updating, take 3
Two hours later only to receive an error message that the iOS update is not currently available. I was about 90% through the process, too.

Apple, you teases!!!


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Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Don't say that about the iOS update ... my phone is in the middle of the update!

I can't stand Chicago style pizza. To me, it's everything WRONG with food in America. Too much bread/crust. Too much sauce. Way too much cheese. It's overboard. Sorry.

Kevin Spencer

I updated my phone this morning, took about an hour. And I really like iOS 7 so far. Some of the new icons aren't really to my taste but I'm sure I'll get used to them ;-)


Heck, some of the old ones weren't to my taste either. ;-)



Marty Mankins

I did the update on Wed to my iPad 3rd gen. So far, I really like it. Lots of smoothness to the whole interface. My favorite feature so far is app switching, which is very much like how webOS on my Palm Pre and HP TouchPad worked.


I haven't tried the four finger upswipe to bring up the taskbar yet. I should. 

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