Snippet Wednesday 2013.40...


If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably saw this already...

Yup, we have another mouse, or two, or twenty.

Oh joy, Ren!

I have some traps set. And I actually already caught one mouse in a trap set in our garage. But the mice eat the bait off the rest of the traps without setting them off somehow. I have to play with my methodology a little bit. I think these traps just kinda suck. Not sensitive enough.

But what makes this time worse than previous mouse incursions is that now Nathan is mobile. And he likes to get into everything. So I really need to trap them before they become a bigger issue. Hiring an exterminator is not an option because, well let's face it, they can only get rid of the problem at hand and have no control over what happens later on unless they put up a force field around my house. So why keep paying them?

Basically, I can only play the trap game. And I have to un-set them each morning instead of leaving them set all day and all night long as I used to just because Nathan could trip one and hurt himself.

I'm also concerned by the uber-remote possibility of Nathan coming in contact with a mouse or its entrails. Like any kid his age, the little guy puts anything in his mouth. My fear at this moment is that I will change his diaper and see poop... surrounding bits of a tiny masticated skeleton.

I just... I mean I really... ewwwwww.


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Dad and I have some good traps you can borrow. I also have Nate's hooded jacket.


I've seen those traps. Aren't they more for outside? 


Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Damn mice. Do you think there's a hole somewhere they've managed to dig through? I hope you catch them! (Or just hopefully the one.)


I'm sure there is somewhere but I cannot find it. I've caught four so far. None in the last week, though. 

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