The stupid people of this world make me lose all hope in humanity. It can be something big or even a very minor event. I'll just give up. It's sad.

Every once in a while, though, my faith will be restored by some completely random act of kindness bestowed either upon myself or someone I love.

This happened last week to Katie and Nathan.

On Thursday, the two of them went grocery shopping. While inside, it began to rain. Katie realized she couldn't wait because little man gets fussy if he sits still too long, so she decided to weather the weather, as it were.

When she got out there, an elderly couple saw them and came over and held their umbrella over Katie and Nathan so they could get to the car in relatively dryness. Katie told them they didn't have to do this, but they insisted. And they kept holding the umbrella over her while she loaded Nathan into his car seat and then they all loaded Katie's groceries into the car.

If I was there, I would've hugged them.


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Marjory Adams

That's so sweet!

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

It does restore your faith in humanity, doesn't it? God bless them.


Yes it does. 



Marty Mankins

When I see this happen, to anyone, anywhere, it gives me that glimmer of hope that there are more people that care about others out there. It makes dealing with the selfish a bit more bearable.


Too sweet.

I still have very little faith in humanity. Especially what is happening right now in the government. *sigh*


I wholly agree. You almost feel like you can somewhat forgive the stupid of the world. 


Baby steps here, marie. 

Marty Mankins

I prefer to ignore the stupid of the world (both online and in real life). Forgive sounds too... forgiving. ;-)


I never said it actually happened. Just that it might make me more prone to it. 


That is so awesome! I love hearing stuff like this. Thanks for sharing! :)


Happy to. 

BTW have you noticed your comments aren't getting filtered anymore?

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