Home repair scares me. Apparently I'm decent enough at it but it scares me nonetheless.

Plumbing is the worst. It makes no sense why. If anything should scare me, you'd think it would be electrical work. Alas, I'm most scared of a dripping fixture from me screwing up a connection and thus flooding our house slowly and compromising the structure of our home.

Today, Katie wanted me to swap the faucet on our kitchen sink. Simple enough, sure. But I labored over it, reading the instructions over and over expecting to miss some minor detail that would eff it all up and kill our house.

I did it, though. It's done. And it's very pretty and working without a leak. Yay me!



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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

It looks great, Kevin!!

Gary LaPointe


I live in an upstairs condo, my fear is if I screw up the plumbing it's my neighbor that's going to be flooded out, not me :)

Marjory Adams

Wow! I'm impressed Kevin! Looks great butI liked your "little helper" photo!


And we're not swimming yet so YAY!


Definitely a viable fear. I'm in a townhouse unit so flooding wouldn't likely affect neighbors but an electrical fire certainly would. 


I should've added that photo to this post but it was taken by Katie on her phone so I didn't have it. 


That is so awesome. We need to change ours because it's quite horrid. But Matt is not a handy person and I'm too scared to do it. Plus our entire kitchen sink and cabinets also need to be ripped out and replaced. So I'm not going to change anything just yet.

The new faucet looks really nice!


We need new cabinets and flooring but the sink was doable now so we did it and figure we can transfer it to whatever new setup we get. 


Woo hoo!


Big woo hoo, indeed!

Marty Mankins

That new faucet is awesome. Nice upgrade.


Thank you!

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