Sick day...

I'm at home with a sick little kid today.

We're not sure if it's a legitimate fever or a side effect of teething. Either way, he was sporting a 101 fever and was whining uncontrollably at random intervals throughout the night. He did not want to be let go at all. But when we held him, he would squirm to the point where you almost had to let him go.

But it wasn't like this the whole weekend. And this too shall pass. It was actually a very good weekend.

Katie got her iPhone 5C on Friday night after work. So far as I can tell, she loves being part of the 5C Clan. If not, she hasn't told me otherwise. She got the blue one with a green case. Nice and bold compared to my white phone and black case.

On Saturday morning, we got together with my family for photos in downtown Geneva. They all turned out pretty nicely. One of them will be chosen and then printed on canvas as a gift to my dad.

After the photos, we handed Nathan over to my parents for babysitting and Katie and I finally went out to celebrate our anniversary. It was pretty simple, honestly. We went out for a late lunch and then a movie. The lunch wound up a bit more complex than we initially anticipated. Food and wine at Cooper's Hawk Winery -- gnocchi carbonara for me, chicken linguini reggiano for Katie, a flight of red wine to split, and a final flight of mixed wines we let the server choose for us (servers love that kind of trust, or so I hope). It was fantastic and slightly more expensive than we anticipated. But worth every penny. If you're ever able to hit the Cooper's Hawk in Freedom Commons in Naperville, go! And ask for Jillian. She's awesome.

The movie we opted to see, considering how seemingly limited the options were, was Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. I love Tom Hanks. He's easily my favorite actor around, and he hit this role out of the park. And, even though I "knew" a lot about the story from all the news coverage surrounding it, I was still amazed that Paul Greengrass was able to take the story and still make it exciting as hell.

Sunday saw Katie, Nathan, and I going to Honey Hill Orchard for apple picking. Sadly, we already missed the Honey Crisp harvest (one of my favorite apples), but we picked a peck of Golden Delicious and Cortland, with a few Red Delicious thrown in for flavor. Please don't judge the place based on their website. It was a fun time and very affordable.

Clearly Nathan likes them.


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Marty Mankins

Your explanation of Captain Phillips reminds me so much of Apollo 13 (another great Tom Hanks role). You know the story, but you are on the edge of your seat.

That flight of wine looks very nice. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.


Hey! We were at Honey Hill Orchard on Sunday, too! ...from about 2:40 until 5pm. We also went apple picking. We must have just missed you guys!


We were there from about 10:30 to noon. I like the place. 


Yes, another great Tom Hanks film. I gotta watch that again. Been too long. 

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