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Welcome to Snippet Wednesday's first foray into the 40s! I think this should've happened a week ago but I misnumbered them early on this year. Hmmm... well, whatever.

Enjoy all the same!

As a partial follow-up on the Sunday post about our new faucet, there is evidence that Nathan might be quite handy around the house as he gets a little older. It took a lot for Katie to keep him away as I was burrowing under the sink to get the fixtures connected and faucet fastened down. Nathan wanted to be right in the middle of it all. So I let him for a little bit. He basically tried to eat all the hardware he could get his hands on. Not exactly part of a healthy toddler diet, I'm led to believe.

Have any of you ever felt vibrating in your pants pockets that is the same as what you get from a cellphone on vibrate? Then, when you reach into your pocket to retrieve your phone, you find out it's not there? Clearly, the only explanation is that I'm losing my mind. I'd just like to know that I'm losing it in good company. Katie has never had this happen. Of course.

Speaking of weird happenstances, there have been a couple times lately that I can smell Super Glue when none is being used. I get that smell in my nose and it won't go away. It's been weeks since I've used any Super Glue and no one around me is using it.

I'm just all kinds of screwed up, aren't I?

Speaking of screwed up, have you seen this video about telekinetic "activity" at a NYC coffeehouse?

I love clever advertising. I love it even more when you don't know that it's advertising. And this viral marketing stunt in support of the remake of Stephen King's Carrie is just perfect in that regard. The thing I'm wondering is when, if at all, they revealed the truth to the people who were real customers. Can you imagine the poor souls who ran for their lives before the reveal straight to the police or to a therapist's office?

I know sitcoms are supposed to be chock full of bad acting most of the time. In many cases, it's the overacting that adds to the humor. So then why isn't this season of How I Met Your Mother absolutely the most hilarious sitcom season ever? Well, because the actors have surpassed "overacting" and achieved "grating on the audience to the point where we hate them all," the writing is horrible, and the fact that not only is this season just prolonging the meeting with the already-revealed titular "mother" (I said "titular," heh heh) too long, but it's also spending way too much time on Robin and Barney's wedding. GET IT OVER WITH AND MOVE ON ALREADY! All of last season built to their engagement and, I fear, this entire season is going to be centered on just the days surrounding the wedding.

We'd stop watching, but we're so invested in this series, we want to see it through to the end.

This Sunday is our 12th anniversary. Wow. 12 years. Holy cow. Anyway, we've been debating anniversary gifts for each other and we came up with the idea that maybe we can just get each other new iPhones (for which we've been saving gift certificates like we did for our iPads a couple years ago and now have about 75% of the total cost of two phones paid) along with FitBits to track our physical activity. As you can see, we've become very practical of late.

While romance isn't dead, it could very well be on life support. But at least we'll have FitBits to help us track it.


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

That commercial for "Carrie" is priceless!!


Isn't it though? Love the reactions. 

Marty Mankins

Oh, I know that vibrate feeling a lot. It's from years of carrying a cell phone and your body is used to it, even when the phone is not there (or hasn't rung or gone off with a call or text).

My wife, who is more of a HIMYM fan than I am (i watch when I'm bored and needing a distraction), can't argue your points about this final season (she says they are dragging it out too long).


HIMYM used to be so good. It was the sitcom I looked forward to each week. Now?

Glad I'm not the only phantom vibrator. Wait...

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

Dude, that video gave me the chills! I'm pretty sure it'd make Sweets seek professional help (he has a fear of ghosts)! Where do you find these things???

Also, people apparently feel ghost vibrations (

And also, something is definitely up with the writing in certain shows this season. Just last night, I turned to Sweets and wondered aloud whether there are new writers for Parenthood, because the story lines just aren't as tight as they have been in past seasons.


Have you shown him that video yet? Tell me how it goes. Found it via Geeks of Doom. 

Thanks for the link. As I said to Marty, at least I'm not the only one. 

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