2013 Goals: October Recap...

It was a very disappointing Halloween, to put it mildly. The rain kept nearly all trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood at bay. Thankfully, the departments in my office had candy available and Katie brought Nathan, in costume, to work to get some candy here. He made out like the little bandito he is.

So, in lieu of some cool Halloween story, how about my 2013 Goals: October Recap?

1. Convert old site to Typepad
I am actually into March 2004 of posting. I only have another 14 months to go! Yay me!

2. Read the entire run of Kirkman's Invincible
I am now up to issue 96 (through volume 17). I can only really get through volume 18, which covers up to issue 102. Beyond that, it would require reading individual issues to get up to 106 (where the series currently stands) and I have no plans to do that. I will continue reading Invincible as I love the comic, but I will only read in collected volumes. The next volume won't be ready until they get through 108. So, at the very earliest, January. So when I hit 102 next month, this goal is effectively done, baby!

3. Listen to one new band per month
This month was the album Holy Fire by Foals. I found out about Foals a couple years ago via their single "Spanish Sahara" off their second album Total Life Forever, but I never actually picked up the album. Holy Fire, their third album, was released this year and I really enjoy it. The song "Inhaler" got a lot of airplay upon its release last November and it appealed to me immediately because it reminded me, at least in the opening, of the song "Magic" by Mick Smiley from the soundtrack to the original Ghostbusters movie. I can't help but think of Ghostbusters and the scene in which it played (when all the ghosts are released from the containment unit into the NYC airspace) every time I hear this song. And the rest of the album is very solid, as well. Check it out.

4. Watch through season 4 of Sons of Anarchy (SoA) and season 2 of Game of Thrones (GoT)
Done and done. I'm actually into episode 8 of season 5 of SoA, so I'm that much closer to being able to watch season 6, which is airing right now. However, because we're switching to AT&T Uverse later this month, I will lose all the DVR'd episodes I have from season 6 and don't know if On-Demand will cover the entire season or just the most recent handful of episodes. We shall see.

5. Try three new recipes per month
We got all three! The first was something called "Takeout fakeout beef and broccoli crockpot," which was a crockpot variation of the Chinese beef and broccoli recipe. Good stuff. The second was chicken and rice soup. Unfortunately, the rice got oversaturated by the broth so Katie wound up sifting it out and making more of a creamy chicken soup. She wasn't happy with it, but I still liked it. The final recipe was taffy apple salad for an Octoberfest party at her parents' house. This is a recipe that has been in her family for some time, but it was Katie's first time making it. It's a sort of apple fruit salad that, with the addition of a few key ingredients, including peanuts, tastes like a finely chopped caramel apple. Oh, and caramel is not one of the ingredients. How's that work?

6. Post at least 50% of the year
Through October, I'm at 182/304 putting me at 59.9% overall. The really good news is that, with this post you're reading right now, I'd be at 183 posts. That's more than half for the entire year (365 days in the year and 183 x 2 = 366). Technically, I wouldn't have to blog again until 2014! I still will, but yanno...

7. Run three 5Ks
This one is officially nixed. I won't be getting those last two 5Ks in mostly because every time I start to train for them, I get hurt. It's almost like a jinx. But when I don't have a 5K goal in mind, my body is fine. I also don't really want to spend the money on them. I've got other, more important, things to spend money on than a race. I really hate giving up on this goal, but I need to be realistic. And practical.

8. Post monthly updates on my progress

Have a great weekend!

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