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Vacation recap: Saturday, November 9...

[text from my Moleskine vacation journal]

San Juan | Port of San Juan | Open Sea
We boarded the ship today. Kinda funny to see the expressions on Brian and Jen's faces as they saw a cruise ship up close for the first time. Got checked in almost immediately. Being there early has its perks. And we were here 7.5 hours prior to embarkation.

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2013 Goals: October Recap...

It was a very disappointing Halloween, to put it mildly. The rain kept nearly all trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood at bay. Thankfully, the departments in my office had candy available and Katie brought Nathan, in costume, to work to get some candy here. He made out like the little bandito he is.

So, in lieu of some cool Halloween story, how about my 2013 Goals: October Recap?

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