Snippet Wednesday 2013.49...


Continuing on my personal impairment theme.

I've been wearing some kind of vision aide since I was about 10 years old. Be it glasses or contacts, my vision has sucked for just shy of 75% of my life. Katie has the same issue. Nathan is screwed. Sorry, kiddo.

As much as I'd like to get some kind of laser surgery, I don't trust it. Everyone I know who has had it has never come through it 100% effectively. My dad had it and he still needs to wear reading glasses. Isn't the point of paying those thousands of dollars that you should be able to see anything at any distance in any light level?

Until it's perfect, I labor with my contacts and glasses. And "labor" being a very true description, at least for the last couple of days. My eyes have been incredibly scratchy the last couple of days due to my contact lenses. It hit a head yesterday when my right eye turned 50 shades of red.

I opted to forego contacts and wear glasses today as opposed to playing host to an anatomical civil war.

I don't mind wearing my glasses. I think I look pretty cool in them.

However, there are two environmental situations during which I typically try to avoid wearing them. The first is bright daylight due to glare and an inability to wear sunglasses at the same time. The second is winter since my body temperature is pretty high (Katie says I'm great for cuddling in the cold) and the contrast causes thick blankets of fog on my lenses. Today was a double whammy.

Try reading a menu at Starbucks through fog sometime.


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Hey, don't base your decision on Dad's or my results. We are much older and when you hit 40+ your eyes develop a condition called presbyopia. That's where your lens cannot make the adjustment from near to distance viewing as easily as it used to. Once the lenses are replaced in the cataract surgery with plain lenses, there is no ability to read up close. We could have had one lens implanted for reading, but the cost is ours and we made the decision not to do it. Looking back, I wish I had done it.0


Yeah but they never can truly tell until it's all done, right?

Marty Mankins

Good looking glasses you've got there.

I got my reading glasses last year (2012) and my increased need for them means I need to take them more places, like everywhere I go. Menus in dark lit restaurants are a breeze with reading glasses. So are bills in darkly lit bars after 4 drinks. Glasses save me a lot in tip money.


Or, if you forget them, they could wind up costing you more. 

hello haha harf

you rock those glasses! seriously good looking on you.
i agree about the eye surgery. so many people have it and their pupils weren't measured right so they see star bursts every time they drive at night (they are looking through the scar tissue), or they still need glasses, or whatever.


I'm so not willing to take the risk. 

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