Today, Katie went in for a bit of oral surgery. She had something that our dentist didn't like and wanted removed. So she did.

It was a very quick procedure but now it's just a matter of dealing with the pain of having a stitched-up tongue.

While I'm glad it all turned out okay (pending lab tests on what it was that was on her tongue), I'm disappointed that she didn't seize the moment to opt for tongue bifurcation. Nathan would have all kinds of fun with that.

On second thought, maybe I am glad she didn't.

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Dec 25
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Dec 27
Katie, Nathan, and I are at home right now. I took the day off work to allow Katie to recover from yesterday's oral surgery. And it turned out to be doubly good because AT&T is supposed to install Uverse today....


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar



Twisted, isn't it?


EEEK!! Glad she didn't go that route (not that I ever thought she would). Hope the pain goes away soon!


So do I. The pain, that is. 

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