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The year is quickly winding down if the date on this post and the numbering of this edition of Snippet Wednesday is any indication. Wow! Where did it go? 2014 will mark Nathan's third calendar year of life on this planet. What the what?

How about I just get on with the Snippets before I depress myself anymore?

Did any of you take part in Gray Thursday or Black Friday shopping this year? I'm proud to say that I did not. Black Friday is a madhouse that I just want no part of and the very concept of Gray Thursday just bums me out. I know Dave2 made a good point about it on his blog, but I still can't support it. I did, however, take part in a couple minor purchases on Cyber Monday. An eBook and an MP3 album from Amazon. Too good to pass up. And I still had credit there anyway, so it cost even less.

Where did you wind up shopping, if at all, and what did you buy?

Katie and I are trying our best to get back into reading. It's a favorite activity of ours that has been backburnered for a little more than a year now. Funny, isn't Nathan "a little more than a year" old now? Hmmm... the coincidence is striking! Anywho. I find it funny that I am currently doublefisting a pair of books (Dan Brown's Inferno and Harry Turtledove's How Few Remain) as well as a handful of graphic novels and comic books while Katie is triplefisting some books (Inferno, Janet Evanovich's Notorious Nineteen, and Markus Zusak's The Book Thief) with a fourth waiting in the wings from our library (Evanovich's Takedown Twenty). When will the madness end? When we get reading, that's when.

What's the greatest number of books you've balanced at one time?

Two years ago, I set a goal of reading 20 books. I achieved this goal... barely. This past year, instead of reading book-books, I set a goal of reading through all the available collected volumes of Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley's Invincible comic book. Also achieved. For 2014, though, I don't want to go back to comics. I want to read books again (in keeping with the previous Snippet). So I thought about trying to challenge myself with some of George R.R. Martin's books from the Song of Ice and Fire series (that's the Game of Thrones books, in case you're not familiar with the actual series name). I've already read the first one and there are four more left. I thought about trying to read two as they are about 1,500 ePages each and my reading is still slow. But that didn't seem enough of a challenge. Now I'm considering three. But that leaves the fifth available book in a lurch and likely to never be read as a result. I'm notoriously horrible about completing book series... I still haven't read The Return of the King nearly a decade after starting the series. Normally this shouldn't be a challenge, but with a little guy running around, it is. It most decidedly is.

So what say you all... two, three, or four books?

On the topic of goals, I've been considering returning to some sort of photo challenge for myself. As I do not want to do a daily challenge as I've done in years past, I came up with the idea of doing a weekly macro photo challenge. This, much like challenges since I've owned it, will center around my iPhone. However, I need a macro lens for it. I had one from Photojojo a few years ago that I've since lost. Loved that little lens.

Should I go with another one of those Photojojo lenses for my iPhone 5C? Is there something better that doesn't cost nearly as much as some of the iPhone accesory lenses I've seen (the Olloclip lens is nearly 3x the price of the Photojojo one)?

Most of my recent posts have received single-digit comment counts. And I have to take into consideration that half of those comments are my replies to the comments left by readers.

Is blog reading dead or is it just commenting on blog posts that has suffered a painful death?

Speaking of the year coming to an end, be on the lookout for the start of my Year-End Best-Of (YEBO) lists. Oh I cannot wait. Although my movie list is going to be even more pathetic than it was last year. It's amazing how little importance going to the movie theater holds once kids come into the picture. I miss it, but I don't miss it. Yanno?

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. Adios!


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The fact that I can't comment directly from Feedly certainly reduces how often I comment.


I never knew Feedly allowed that on any blog. Or is that the point... It doesn't? On any blog?


Test comment from Feedly iOS app.


I'm still reading, just cut down on how often I comment. Sorry.


I read all the time buddy, I just hardly ever comment......sorry.


I'm not upset with you. Just the sad state of blogging. 


Just happy to know people still read. With all the different methods to read, site stats don't accurately reflect readership anymore. 

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

Shopped on Thurs online because I got a good deal with my employee discount. Shopped Friday but not until after 5 because it was dead at Kmart ... and again ... emp discount. I don't comment as much as I used to because I am not on my home computer reading much. Usually on my phone and I have a bajillion blogs emailed to me. I hate typing that much on the phone. I also get your posts a day late on my phone and by that time, my witty repartee is already old and stale in most cases.


You're never stale. You have blog posts emailed?!?! Try an RSS reader. 

hello haha harf

i read you in feedly. usually a week of your posts at a time, whenever i can finally break from life and catch up with friends. a lot of that is on the phone, which is not friendly when it comes to commenting.
still loven you, man.

hello haha harf

oh motherfucker. did my comment just get eaten? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! yet another reason i don't often comment. all that work for nuttin!
still loven you, though. :)


I tried commenting in Feedly from my iPhone and it works great.


It's there. Promise!

Bob "Pappy" Richardson

I mostly just read them on my phone at work, hence email. Are tehre RSS readers for my phone? All this new fangled technology.


Try Feedly. It's pretty great. And it'll spare your inbox. 

Kevin Spencer

I think comments in general are just way down. I try to leave comments when I can and have time. And just so you know, just because I don't leave a comment, doesn't mean I haven't read it. I always read it.


Thanks, man. And, yes, I read your (mostly) photo posts too. I love your photos. 

Kazza the Blank One

I barely get comments anymore. In four months I've had *two* comments from regular readers. A few more from internet randoms on various other old posts. There's still plenty of blogs out there that always get lots and lots of comments, but my blog isn't interesting enough for that.


Is it because we don't have a fixed focal point on our blogs that we don't get the comments anymore? Are general interest personal blogs dying?

Marty Mankins

Catching up on an older post here..

I did all of my Black Friday shopping online. I was in Vancouver, WA for Thanksgiving this year (my wife's sister lives there) and had no intention of borrowing their car to go sit at a Target store at 1am. Amazon got my business with some DVDs and whatever else I could click in time to get the deal. Also did some other online and in store retail shopping for pans, pots and a couple toys for my wife's granddaughter.

Marty Mankins

As for comments, I've noticed that my comments on my blogs are way down. Reading wise, people visit. But not so much leave comments anymore. I wish they would. I appreciate the interaction, plus it's a sure way to know someone views your words and pictures.


I love the comments for interaction and opinion as well. I miss them immensely. 


Did all your online orders arrive on time?

Marty Mankins

Yes, they did. Which was nice. Even one shipment from Gilt.com, was ordered on Dec. 19th and arrived Dec 23rd.


Yeah, I also had zero issues with shipping this year, which marks a first for us. Keep it up!

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