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Welcome to a Snippet Wednesday with a somewhat better than last Snippet Wednesday forecast... the Polar Vortex may finally be leaving us... for a second time! Temperatures are in the positive range with the promise of 30 degrees this Friday. Accompanied with snow, sure, but it can't always be perfect, right?

It amazes me how much daring Nathan has. Sure, I posted about it previously when mentioning the Flowchart o' Bravado but he just runs into and at every challenge thrown at him or that gets in his way with the full weight of his body and doesn't give up until it goes his way. He has actually bowled me over and this despite me being as big a guy as I am. I jumped out and scared him last night from behind a chair. Did he run away? No. He ran at me and right into me. Evel Knievel got nuttin' on Nathan.

The other day on Facebook, Katie found the coolest Chicago Blackhawks hoodie ever. I mean, seriously, wrapping up the logo feathers under a Superman logo? WAY COOL! However, there's now a notice on the page stating that the pre-order campaign has ended because "we're investigating a trademark claim on this design." Of course, Teespring should have seen this coming. Let's see here. Trademarked Blackhawks logo? Trademarked Superman logo? Here's your sign.

Okay, so the hoodie is no longer available, but this little devil sure is! Anybody for Death Star Popsicles this summer?

I read a BBC News article claiming that the traditional scroll wheel, high-capacity iPod may be extinct in very short order. Oh how I do not want to believe that! My iPod carries all my music and saved my butt when my hard drive died. I was able to restore my entire music collection (minus a few more recent albums) right from my iPod. I could never do that given the pitiful drive capacities on the iPod Touch, iPhone, Nano, and definitely not the Shuffle. Please, Apple, don't kill them. Or, if you do, you'd better make replacement drives or parts available. PLEASE??

Have any of you ever read the children's book Goodnight Moon? Katie and I got it for Nathan because it's supposed to be one of those seminal books that all kids have. But I just don't get it. The writing is terrible, the rhyming or rhythm is pretty much non-existent, the purpose is nil. Why is it so popular? Can someone explain that to me? And don't just say, "it's classic." There has to be a reason why. Katie and I don't get it at all.

Does anyone use Yelp anymore? I've read so many articles lately talking about how Yelp has gone downhill of late. People falsifying reviews to promote their own business or demote a competitor. Paying to have bad reviews removed. Squelching of five- and one-star reviews. All kinds of stuff. To me, it just reeks of a lack of credibility. There have been many social media profiles I've nixed of late because I'm just tired of them. Yelp would be one that I want to, but can't. I've received kudos from people for my reviews that I don't want to delete my profile and have my reviews be deleted. I'm still credited with saving a local pizza place whose business is still through the roof as a result of my review of them going viral on a local scale. Stupid Yelp.

I'm outta here. I think we're going to try to get Nathan's hair cut. He's wayyyyy due.


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Kevin Spencer

Nooo!!!! As we've talked about a couple of times in the past, the Classic iPods are the only things that are even remotely suitable for those of us who want our collection with us at all times. Mind you, rumors of the Classic's demise have been prevalent for a couple of years now and every year they keep selling them. So fingers crossed.

In a perfect world I would love a higher capacity iPhone so I could just carry one gadget around. How cool would that be? A 200GB iPhone? So come on Apple, if the Classic is retiring then at least have a suitable replacement.


They desperately need a suitable replacement or I'm installing iTunes on a portable hard drive and making it work that way! ;-)


I recall enjoying reading Goodnight Moon to my kids, but not why.

I read a post recently that opined that Foursquare was much better at helping to find good places than all the more traditional travel apps, including Yelp.


I've never really tried Foursquare for reviews and whatnot. May have to give that a shot. Did your kids react well to Goodnight Moon. 


I think they did, though my memory of it is very fuzzy.


Fair enough.

Marty Mankins

I see Yelp check ins on my twitter feed often, but I rarely go out to the site anymore. As with Ren, Foursquare reviews seem to be just as good. Maybe not as many, but more quick and to the point.


And, hopefully, less chance of it being skewed or paid for. We hope. 

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