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Snippet Wednesday...

Welcome to my first Snippet Wednesday of 2014!!

I realized something, by numbering my Snippet Wednesdays, I was really adding undue pressure to myself to come up with Snippets every week. And I feel many of them turned out like garbage. So now I'm taking a page from Tu(n)esday posts and just doing them when I feel like it. The only posts that I will number are Macro Mondays because they do have a goal of once a week and I need to stick to it.

Did any of you get a burned out by #polarvortex this week? I am so over it. Not just the term but the weather phenomenon, too. Well, at least we didn't wind up with junk like "snowpacolypse" or "winter storm Hercules." Oh wait...

I think the it might be time to counter the weather with good vibes from "hot" music. Some Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, Hothouse Flowers... anything else?

The worst thing about child rearing is the diapers. No, not changing them. That doesn't bother me. It's the storage of the dirty ones after changing them. For that, they have Diaper Genies. With a name like that, they should make them really disappear. They don't. They just sit in a plastic bag inside a plastic container. Then the container starts to stink. The bags collect until garbage is picked up. Oh and they weigh a ton. It's pee and poop. How can it possibly weigh so much???

Did any of you watch tonight's season premiere of Psych? Weird and weak. This is the final season, isn't it?

See what I meant by my first Snippet? When I force myself to find Snippets, I wind up posting junk like this.

I warned you, but did you listen? Oh no. It's just a harmless Snippet Wednesday.


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Red Hot Chili Peppers and Canned Heat? Firehouse? (I am OLD!)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

We never got a diaper genie. Just used a small covered trash can with small trash bags. When they got full, they were heavy, but I'm quite certain the bags were a lot smaller than the diaper genie bags.


Our genie was a gift. The bags are one long plastic sheaf you can cut and tie off at any time. I just forget and try still build up until the next garbage collection anyway. Ridiculously heavy. 


Ahhh, I can't believe I left RHCP off the list. The others are more understandable but good additions all the same. 

Marty Mankins

In just a couple of weeks, you can add Broken Bells to the list of hot music.

Diaper storage. Never a good option for that. Unless you can find a place outside that animals won't try to hijack. When my daughter was little, we kept them in the garage. Until that enclosure started to stink up a lot (esp so during the summer months).


How is Broken Bells "hot" music?

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