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Welcome to Snippet Wednesday. At least I think it's Wednesday. It is, isn't it? I haven't been to work a single day this week and have completely lost track of time. Help me out here.

Here's the illness tally so far... Nathan: flu symptoms on Friday and low-grade respiratory infection on Monday, Kevin: flu symptoms on Tuesday and Wednesday, Katie: flu symptoms on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, we're a healthy bunch. Katie's at work today while Nathan's at daycare because I'm at home the sickest of the bunch. I actually slept a couple hours on our bathroom floor this morning. What does that tell you?

So there's a Batman television series called Gotham that is in the works. It's supposed to focus on the early days of Bruce Wayne and, more specifically, James Gordon. And they've now cast Officer/Detective Gordon. He will be played by Ben McKenzie of The O.C. and SouthLAnd fame. My thoughts on this? AWESOME! If I only knew McKenzie from The O.C., I might be hesitant, but he was pretty great in SouthLAnd as, what else, a cop. I'm kinda looking forward to this.

Saturday was fun. In addition to Nathan being sick, I tried my hand at installing a replacement side mirror on Katie's car. The mirror got nicked off and was completely unusable so we ordered one from eBay and I figured out how to install it. It wasn't the prettiest job especially with me cursing and swearing over losing a socket in the door. But it's on and it works and Katie can see out the side of her car. Yay!

Just happened to flip on Cinemax and found Apollo 13. I haven't seen that movie in years and had actually been wanting to see it lately. Okay, movie channels have their place even if they cost more. And what is it about Tom Hanks that we can watch movies like Apollo 13 and Captain Phillips -- stories that we know the end to -- and he still makes them utterly interesting and suspenseful? I maintain that Tom Hanks is one of the best actors alive.

Okay. Gotta go. Talk to you all soon!


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Marjory Adams

"Swearing sometimes makes the job go better!" a quote from your father-in-law.


"Just happened to flip on Cinemax and found Apollo 13" is not what I was expecting as I began reading that sentence. I expected "Just happened to flip on Cinemax and found Space Sex Rocketship 4000." They show regular movies on Cinemax????


Agreed. Just so long as it's not around a 17-month-old. 


It felt weird to type it, too! Believe me, I was just a s shocked it wasn't something like Apollo 69 or whatnot. 

Marty Mankins

Your point about Apollo 13 and Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks as the lead... spot on.

Sleeping on the bathroom floor means you are really sick or you had a really great time at the bar the night before. ;-)

Hope you and your family get better soon.


Definitely no bar involved. And thanks. 

Kevin Spencer

Sorry to hear that your family is under the weather, and sleeping on the bathroom floor? Yeah if alcohol hasn't been involved then you really _are_ sick. Hope you get better soon.


Nope, no alcohol. Sigh. 

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