Snippet Wednesday...

I almost didn't write this Snippet Wednesday. You ever have post ideas ready to go but just no desire to write it up? That was me today. Alas, I'm far too wedded to this virtual space to not do it and it would be an awful waste of ideas. So enjoy!

Ohmigod, Honest Toddler, you're killing me with this open letter to Alyssa Milano's child after the announcement that Mommy's pregnant again. Honestly, I kinda agree with many points. Might be why I'm a bit timid to have another child. I don't want to hear Nathan say, "I sad. I has rain in my heart."

I know I was going on about seeing Beck at Pitchfork this summer. Well, St. Vincent is now playing Saturday and Eric and I really want to see her more. They also added Cloud Nothings to the lineup. I saw them at Pitchfork two years ago but their set was cutoff due to rain. What I saw was amazing and can't wait for them to play it again. Sorry, Beck.

Music critic Greg Kot has leaked some of the Lollapalooza lineup. Some of the bands include Eminem, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, and Skrillex. Chicagoist columnist Tankboy is none too happy. From the article...

Eminem just headlined the festival in 2011, so boo to that. And Kings Of Leon may be the most depressing example of a band that took the Southern fried fury of their earliest incarnation, sucked all the life out of it and traded it in for bland bombast that would embarrass even the whitest-bread of arena headliners. And Arctic Monkeys, well, they're another one-time band of fireballs that are now slightly less bland than Kings Of Leon. But not by much.


Yesterday, I announced on Twitter that, despite it still being cold, I refuse to wear my winter coat anymore. It's my way of defying Mother Nature and Jack Frost as they keep a cold spell over us all. Also yesterday, I found a coworker wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt. When I told about my coat manifesto, he said, "Yeah! Together we'll force spring to come!" It's a nice idea in theory.

While I'm obsessing over spring, Nathan has found his own new obsession... Thomas the Tank Engine. Sure, he's liked the show for some time. But he discovered the container of wooden Thomas toys we've had saved for him and he begged for them. We opened the container over the weekend and he's played with nothing else since. Nothing. No joke. The kid loves them like no other.

I'm going to finish this episode of The Walking Dead and then I'm off to bed. Adieu.



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You just gave away your Macro Monday!


Not that anyone seemed to have trouble guessing it anyway. ;-)


I was thinking exactly what Samuel said, haha!


I knew I would run the risk but you've all had plenty of time to guess already. 

Marty Mankins

This year's Lollapalooza lineup is blah and whatevs in so many ways. Previous years that had Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath and Jane's Addiction were so much better. It seems that this year they couldn't find major acts (I Soundgarden would have been good, even though they have played previously).

I so want to ditch my coat, too. While I don't want Phoenix heat, I would like temps that don't require any coat at all.


San Francisco is my dream weather. 

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