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This is not a post about Game of Thrones. You're thinking "Arya," with a -y- in the mix.

Project Ara is a Google endeavor that was recently announced in which consumers can configure a smartphone with all kinds of different modules to, I suppose, make it their own.

My first thought was "Modules? You mean like 'apps'?" If so, then I'm not sure how it would be different than any other smartphone on the market.

Then I got to paragraph two in which they say consumers can "change components on a metal 'endoskeleton'."

"Endoskeleton" always makes me think of the Terminator movies so you can imagine my glee. However, after skipping happily back to reality, I thought that this sort of thing on a phone would be cool. So long as there are enough useful modules available to add.

What if there are more than enough modules available and you run out of endoskeletal space and you still have modules you'd like to incorporate?

Would it wind up being like a hotswappable drive bay on a laptop where you can take one out and add another as needed? That could be cool, too. Think about it, a phone that has the opportunity to run a limited number of incorporated devices like a blood pressure reader, breathalyzer, blood sugar monitor, swappable-lens camera, toothpick, bottle opener... the works! But, if you get bored with your Swiss Army phone, you get a Barbie wardrobe of other things that can be put in their place to keep you entertained no matter what!

There are so many possibilities to having modules like these available on a device that you carry in your pocket.

But what do you do when you have so many modules that you cannot easily carry them all? Will our pocket phone come with a bag to use to carry all these fantastic add-ons? That would be slick! A phone with an accompanying bag! How novel!

Oh... wait...

I'm gettin' too old for this s&^t.


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