Snippet Wednesday...

Macro Monday 2014.17...

Macro Monday on a *gulp* Tuesday????? And last week's was posted three days late???? Make the madness stop!!

Let's chalk up this week's miss to an overeagerness to share my Sinatra dream with you yesterday. Forgive me? You can still blame last week on Typepad and the DDoS attacks.

Here was the challenge photo...

And this is what it was...

The tire from a 1989 Ertl Batmobile. No, I didn't expect you to know it was a Batmobile or an Ertl toy. Just that it was the tire from a toy car. So, yay to Kazza!

This week's challenge photo should prove difficult. Be creative, have fun, I want some whacked-out guesses.

See ya soon.



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Kazza the Blank One

You know a batmobile actually popped into my head .. dang it I should have said that! :)

this week's .. tricky .. my first thought was a skateboard (!).. but maybe a book cover or one of those laminate or composite covers of *something* .. can't decide what .. sorry got nothing here ..


It would have been singularly amazing if you had said "Batmobile."

Marty Mankins

This week's photo guess: the inside of a fish tank.

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