People like to say that if they were present during memorable moments in history that they would've gotten involved.

Are you one of these people?

Say, for example, that you were alive during the American Revolution. Would you have fought for the then-rebels against the British government? Give up all you know and have and the security of a relatively stable government to do what needed to be done to enact change?

If you were present for the racial integration of schools or public transportation or any public facility in the U.S., would you have stood up against the segregation dividing or nation?

If you were there when the planes hit the Twin Towers, would you have run inside to help people get out?

These aren't easy questions. I'd like to think I would do the right thing but I just don't know. Popular opinion (or "mob mentality" in some cases) as well as the fight or flight instinct can be pretty overwhelming.

You? Don't just answer what is right or what is just. Think about the external forces that can exert undue pressure on you as you try to decide.

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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

This may be minor in comparison to the examples I've seen in your dialogue, Kevin. When I was much younger and still under the influence of my extremely bigotted father, I knew I could never step up and assert my opinion, and in all honesty, I didn't have a lot of my own opinions...they were always shot down. I learned very early that if my opinion didn't jive with my father's, it was bull. Anyway, I wish I had had the balls to demonstrate against our country's involvement in Viet Nam. Just like Afghanistan, we have no business being there. There is no gain, only the loss of too many men and women.


That can definitely affect your opinions. 

Kevin Spencer

I’d have definitely fought against those bloody British… oh wait.


Heh heh. 

Marty Mankins

Very insightful post. Makes me think on what my reaction would be. Especially since I've never been even remotely close to a place and time where something tragic happened. I've called 911 when I've seen an accident on the road and I've helped people that were having trouble with their car.

As with yourself, I would hope that if being in that present space and time, that I would jump in and help without analyzing the whole thing before.


I'd hope I would too. You never know, though. 

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